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Empire Business Solutions Receives 2019 Business Excellence Award

Today marks the highly anticipated release of Corporate Insiders 2019 Business Excellence awards winners guide.  

The 2019 Business Excellence awards display recognition of some of the world’s most prestigious firms. Thi(Added: Wed Apr 03 2019)

Outsourcing Medical Billing Service Has Helped Many Practices Become More Profitable

It is necessary to ensure that credentialing is done properly or else your practice will run the risk of not getting paid. Also, it is important to note that this is an on-going process and just a onetime verification won’t be sufficient. Every time a physician joins or leaves your practice, you wil(Added: Wed Apr 03 2019)

What to expect in the financial week ahead

Probably the most talked about part of the week will be upon us on Friday, when the Bureau of labor releases the statistics of the March jobs report. Global economists are predicting that the labor market has bounced back in March after a very disappointing February. The United States economy added(Added: Tue Apr 02 2019)

To Improve Efficiency, Resolve Scheduling Issue Becomes Necessary For Practices

Balancing clinical obligations and taking care of patient needs and practice resources can take a toll on providers. But in order to enhance patient experience, it is important to improve their access to timely care. This can happen only when practices improve appointment scheduling. For instance, p(Added: Tue Apr 02 2019)

ZipLoan Participated In Fintech Conclave 2019 Organized By NITI Aayog

ZipLoan, one of the leading FinTech companies in India, participated in the FinTech Conclave 2019 organized by NITI Aayog on March 25 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, Janpath, New Delhi. Mr. Shalabh Singhal, Co-founder of Ziploan, was among the other 300 representatives from the leading financi(Added: Mon Apr 01 2019)

Weekly Overview Of Nifty & BankNifty

Nifty View Indian equity markets ended on a positive as FII & DII participated on buying side. Market breadth ended in the favour of advance with the advance/decline ratio On technical side nifty futures traded positively throughout the week and managed to sustained above its 52 weeks highs. In FY1(Added: Sat Mar 30 2019)

Facebook disappointed by Trump administration's lawsuit against them

Social media Giant Facebook, described themselves as “surprised” by the recent U.S HUD lawsuit against the company over ‘alleged’ discriminatory advertising practices. This in light of the Facebook recently publishing an article stating they are working hard to take preventative action against such (Added: Fri Mar 29 2019)

Alliance Research Announced "Alliance Jio Cash" (Unlimited Calls & Unlimited Profit) Service

In this service we provide frequent numbers of calls in intraday cash market with high level on consistent basis. This service is very useful & Powerful tool to those who devotes a long session in equity market. In this service our highly skilled research analysts will assist you with quality recomm(Added: Fri Mar 29 2019)

To Get Rapid Notification Of Claim Receipt, Status And Payments- 247MBS

Although most medical practices conduct a yearly AR report, we at 24/7MBS believe a monthly report goes a long way in having superior control over the revenue cycle management (RCM). A poor accounts receivable status can lead to serious depletion of revenue. Running a financially healthy healthcare(Added: Fri Mar 29 2019)

To Maximize Revenue And Assess Revenue Cycles At Each Stage To Enhance Clean Claims Rate- 247MBS

24/7 Medical Billing Services implement appropriate electronic claims submission process so you receive comprehensive and timely reports that helps your staff to focus on important medical practices. It is also easier to know which claims are outstanding and relieve your staff of cumbersome paper cl(Added: Thu Mar 28 2019)

Financial Services Available at Credit Union NC

It is important to find a financial institution that caters to your specific financial needs. If you want to apply for a loan you should first establish your priorities. We should mention that banks and credit unions are governed by similar laws; nonetheless, this does not mean that the customer exp(Added: Thu Mar 28 2019)

Medical Billing Outsourcing Eliminates The Cost Of Running An In-house Billing Team

Considering the growing complexities of medical practice billing and unrelenting economic pressures, many providers are choosing to outsource their billing functions. By partnering with a reliable billing company, they have been able to ensure faster and full payments for rendered services. Strivin(Added: Thu Mar 28 2019)

Outsourcing Medical Billing Improving Billing, Reducing Errors And Resubmissions

This is quite a tough question to answer because there are several billing companies doing credible and good quality work across the US. To a great extent, choice of a Medical Billing partner can depend on the requirements of the practice. However, irrespective of what the practice needs are, it(Added: Thu Mar 28 2019)

QLD Accounting Group Provides Exceptional Accounting Services across Australia

QLD Accounting Group is a leading accounting specialist that can help you attain better control over your tax accounting part. They have a team of dedicated specialists throughout the nation to provide you assistance and best practices, on an array of business and acc(Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)

Reliable Car Dealerships in Greensboro NC

The value of a new vehicle drops by approximately twenty percent after the first twelve months of use; in this context, many persons prefer to purchase pre-owned vehicles which are available at affordable rates. In case you have decided to buy a used vehicle, but want to ensure that you will be able(Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)

The demand for tax accountants is growing along with time

Numerous studies show that the demand available for tax accountants is increasing along with time. It is worth it to figure out the reason why. It would not just be beneficial for the students who are looking forward to becoming tax accountants in the future. In addition to that, the general publ(Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)


For many of us (let’s be honest) who do not play video games, we harbor a slightly smug dismissive attitude, leading us to ignore the absolutely monstrous size of this industry. It is not a niche market anymore. Over 80 U. S. Universities now offer scholarships to E-sport “athletes”! It is a $ 140 B(Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)

KABN Launches Token Marketing Program with Bounty0x and Tokenise

Gibraltar – March 26, 2019 –KABN (Gibraltar) Limited (“KABN”), an integrated financial solutions provider with a biometric, Blockchain based, Always On, identity verification platform and a digital currencies-to-fiat Visa prepaid card, banking wallet and loyalty program has partnered with Bounty0x ((Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)

Looking For Error-free Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification In USA

Medical Billing Process is captivating its role in the health companies and has different departments to deal with. But are you sure that the income you receive or the staff time you give to your patients are worth enough? This can be assured only when you have proper medical eligibility verificatio(Added: Wed Mar 27 2019)

best medical insurance in india for family

Worldwide Insurance Brokers Ltd, one of the leading insurance brokers in India, has launched ‘Cover360.in’, a unique online insurance portal that offers a plethora of insurance services ranging from Health Insurance, Travel Insurance to Term Insurance, among others. With its firm commitment of ‘ins(Added: Tue Mar 26 2019)

247 MBS Helps To Implement Technology That Supports And Enhances Revenue Cycle Processes

However, there are many healthcare organizations that are lacking on the revenue front. Even after making significant investments in their revenue management data systems, they are not seeing a boost in cash flow due to two main reasons: either their systems aren’t set up properly or the people runn(Added: Tue Mar 26 2019)

To Get 100% Transparent Ambulance Billing Services for Medical Industry With 247 MBS

There are many medical industries still existing without getting proper reimbursements for services of ambulance. Our ambulance billing service is a separate branch which keenly focuses on getting right reimbursements on time. When Ambulance Billing Services are properly mentioned in claims, there (Added: Tue Mar 26 2019)

An overview of Medicare supplement insurance

Medlock & associates in the US is one of the leading service providers who can provide the best service for people in different areas like retirement, Medicare, life insurance and ancillary products. When you have a Medicare supplement it any help you in certain coverage and some features like co(Added: Mon Mar 25 2019)

Apple's special event – What to expect this coming week

This coming week Apple is set to further its campaign to show investors that Apples future lies in its services more than its hardware. The tech giant is widely anticipated to show the public two new offerings at Monday’s special event. Their new video streaming service and their news subscription p(Added: Mon Mar 25 2019)

Investor Sunil Rajesh Ramdas to face life behind bars

Sunil Rajesh Ramdas who was a stock market investor trader in Shanghai, China will face life behind bars after an illegal loophole in his formality of trading. Millions has been lost to Japanese investors and a cross court country battle has been ongoing for several years. Sunny D investments has fu(Added: Sun Mar 24 2019)

Offshore Merchant Account by Radiant Pay for High Risk Business

For Immediate Press Release Radiant Payment Gateway Solutions http://www.radiantpay.com/ 24th March 2019. London, UK An Offshore Merchant Account is a type of bank account for e-merchants established in a non-resident country. It allows the merchant to process payments throu(Added: Sat Mar 23 2019)

Offshore Merchant Account by Radiant Pay for High Risk Business

For Immediate Press Release Radiant Payment Gateway Solutions http://www.radiantpay.com/ 24th March 2019. London, UK An Offshore Merchant Account is a type of bank account for e-merchants established in a non-resident country. It allows the merchant to process payments throu(Added: Sat Mar 23 2019)

How Has 24/7 Medical Billing Services Benefited Practices Based Out of Ohio?

247MedsicalBillingServices has been offering top-notch medical billing services to various practices based out of Ohio, proposing them solutions to overcome revenue challenges. Recently, we were hired by a cardiology practice in Ohio that was facing issues with their medical billing. Here were some (Added: Fri Mar 22 2019)

Importance of Credentialing in Medical Billing Process

Providers cannot underestimate the importance of proper credentialing if they wish to ensure a steady cash flow. They need to respond to credentialing requests by insurance carries in a timely manner and also be prepared with the accurate documentation. If they lack in meeting the requests, it can l(Added: Fri Mar 22 2019)

How is LoanAdda using technical advancements for its steady growth in financial market?

Started in 2015, as a startup company LoanAdda has evolved in an enormous way. By starting this company by only 28 members, it has now outgrown itself with more than 120 members’ team. LoanAdda is a fintech company which deals with various financial products to help you meet your financial requireme(Added: Fri Mar 22 2019)
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