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GE's stock’s rapidly rising 7% after first quarter earnings report. updated

General Electric saw a significant incline on Tuesday after they announced their first quarter earnings. The reason for the surge in share value was due to GE beating Wall Streets estimates, as although the company showed weakness in their power sector, strength in their oil, aviation and gas sector(Added: Thu May 02 2019)

AMD ‘Soaring 6% after hours’ after beating expectations updated

Advanced Micro Devices recently published their first quarter financials, reporting much stronger than expected results. Shares of Advanced Micro Drivers have shown a sharp increase in after-hours trading on Tuesday. The well-known chipmaker issued adjusted earnings per share of 6 cents beating anal(Added: Thu May 02 2019)

HIPAA Guidelines for Physicians Billing Services updated

Even in 2019, practices will be required to adhere to the HIPAA rules and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive patient data. They will need a certain organizational method for implementing the comprehensive security and privacy policies to achieve compliance. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability(Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Why Should Physicians Prioritize Patient Engagement? updated

Providers wanting to improve patient experience and reduce costs should start focusing on patient engagement strategies. Today, more and more patients are demanding greater control over their care procedure. Even the Affordable Care Act has linked reimbursement to performance related to patient expe(Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Global Chiropractic Billing Outsourcing Market: 2019-2023 updated

Chiropractors across the US are again finding their services under scrutiny from Medicare investigators and contractors. The need for submitting clean claims has increased if practices wish to avoid intensive scrutiny or denials. Through this offer, chiropractors can expect to boost revenue by 30% a(Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Challenges Physicians Face with Healthcare Bundled Payments updated

Many physicians out there are struggling with healthcare bundled payments. Even though this payment model was expected to bring highest quality care and improved patient outcomes. Here are some of the challenges that it is posing for healthcare providers: • Scaling up or achieving economies of (Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Equity Research Report Ways2Capital 1 may 2019 updated

FUNDAMENTAL Last week our Indian Equity market opened on negative note on Monday but after made low of 11654 it moves in positivee note and give closing at 11813.50 Nifty tested once again level of 11800 but not sustained at above 11800 and give closing below it.according to global market aspec(Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Cash Homes MN Releases March 2019 Anoka and Washington Co Sheriff Sales Edition updated

CashHomesMN.com, a Minnesota BBB Accredited Real Estate Solutions Company, Releases The March 2019 Anoka County And Washington County Sheriff Sales Edition Of The Stop Foreclosure MN Report. This Report Highlights 18 Properties And Provides Foreclosure Help and Awareness for Twin Cities Homeowners. (Added: Wed May 01 2019)

Filing GST Returns in India updated

Filing GST Returns in India Online GST Return When a company registers, it gets a GST identification number is mandatory if you wish to file a return. The threshold after which you will have to get the GST registration done is Rs. 2 million and Rs. 1 million for northeastern state of India. On the (Added: Tue Apr 30 2019)

Tips for Physicians to Gain New Patients for Their Practice updated

Whether you run a large or small practice, marketing is essential for the success of your business. On an average, you should see at least 30 to 50 new patients every month if you want your practice to grow. Also, there is a strong need to offer competitive services at reasonable pricing in order t(Added: Tue Apr 30 2019)

April 2019: Crypto Trading Bot Edison Releases its April Trade Cycle Results updated

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE––Bitcoin market-making trading bot, Edison Bot, has just recently released its April trade cycle results; Trade Cycle Dates: March 21, 2019 - April 19, 2019 Trade Activity ROE: 2.919% Total Cycle Client ROE: $2.92 per $100 on deposit (excluding subscription fees) Total Co(Added: Sat Apr 27 2019)

Physicians need to know about PQRS vs ICD-10 coding updated

Every physician in the nation nowadays complies with all rules and regulations specified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The latest news about the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) these days grasps the attention of many people who wish to enhance every aspect of th(Added: Sat Apr 27 2019)

Usage of Technology Can Bring Make Your Medical Work so Simplifying updated

It is time for medical industry to start using the proper modes of technology for making patients attend doctors on time. Is appointment scheduling is one of the major problems? Then try to sort it out with the help of technology by using the professional help of patient appointment scheduling. It h(Added: Sat Apr 27 2019)

HIPAA Compliance Pitfalls Physicians Should be Aware Of updated

Did you know HIPAA violations can result in fines ranging from $100 to $1.5 million for practices? HIPAA was created to standardize the process of safeguarding private patient information. But unfortunately, most practices are failing to implement even the basic HIPAA requirements. They are consid(Added: Fri Apr 26 2019)

3 Misconceptions about Medical Billing Business Outsourcing updated

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is very necessary for the healthcare business. It is an important part for the success of any medical billing business. At the point when a facility outsources the administration of their income cycle, they endow an outside medical billing company to handle coding, cla(Added: Fri Apr 26 2019)

Fighting Off the Sleeping Disorders with Advanced Medical Help! updated

Sleep is the very important factor for every human’s healthy living. Without proper sleep, there are chances for people to become restless and get into more complications. To deal with sleeping disorders which are increasing between the people from 20 to 59, the medical industry coming up with new s(Added: Fri Apr 26 2019)

Facebook on the rise after beating Q1 earnings

Facebook on the rise after beating Q1 earnings On Wednesday social media giant Facebook reported its first quarter earnings, and they did not disappoint, beating Wall Street’s expectations. Revenues for the quarter totaled $15.08 Billion USD with analyst estimates coming in at $14.9 Billion. EPS ca(Added: Thu Apr 25 2019)

How to Keep Radiology Claims Denials at Bay?

In order to run a successful radiology practice, it is important to ensure that claims for services are submitted on time. This will not only enhance the cash flow of the practice but also keep the overall billing expenses at a minimum. Common Reasons why Radiology Claims are Denied The need for t(Added: Wed Apr 24 2019)

Warren Buffett on the best way to balance income inequality

Warren Buffett, investor and owner of Berkshire Hathaway has said in a recent interview that the most prudent approach to end income inequality is through offering Earned Income Tax Credit on top of salaries. “I think the Earned Income Tax Credit is the best way to put money in the pockets of people(Added: Tue Apr 23 2019)

High-Yield Stock with Dividends for Low-Risk Investors

Your average S&P500 stock currently yields less than 2%, Because of that statistic, the majority of investors classify any return of over 4% as a high yield stock. Some companies that do trade on the S&P500 however, pay out more than double that level. While a large portion of these ultra-high yield(Added: Tue Apr 23 2019)

Equity Research Report Ways2Capital 23 Apr 2019

FUNDAMENTAL Last week our Indian Equity market opened on positive note on Monday but after made high 11860. it moves in negative note and give closing at 11771.10. Nifty tested once again level of 11800 but not sustained at above 11800 and give closing below it.according to global market aspect(Added: Tue Apr 23 2019)

3 Reasons Causing Burnout in Physicians across the US

Did you know approximately 50% physicians in the US are dealing with physician burnout? There are several reasons behind it such as, an inherently stressful job, having to deal with non-clinical burdens like billing and documentation, and an inefficient work environment. Emotional and physical exhau(Added: Tue Apr 23 2019)

Cross Border Tax Accountant Toronto Provides Professional Tax Preparation, Accounting

Cross Border Tax Accountant Toronto, the most sought-after specialist, is pleased to announce that they remain the top-notch provider of accounting- and financial- related services in the city and other surrounding areas. This allows companies of all sizes to comply with the tax laws, minimize co(Added: Mon Apr 22 2019)

Bookkeeping outsource agencies in Hyderabad

Ledger Forces is a one stop solution for all Business Accounting. We, the leading Payroll outsourcing companies in Hyderabad provide a wide spectrum of exclusive Global Accounting Services to the companies keeping in view of business module. Our team has gained a profound knowledge and expertise in (Added: Mon Apr 22 2019)

RCM Outsourcing Will Result in Improvement of Healthcare Administrative Processes

According to a study published by the business consulting firm, the medical billing outsourcing market is expected to reach a value of $16.9 billion by 2024. This market was valued at $6.3 billion in 2015 and this prediction clearly demonstrates how practices are increasingly outsourcing their billi(Added: Sat Apr 20 2019)

Streamlined Medical Billing Process to Optimize Revenue and Accounts Receivable.

Error-free medical billing is vital for the existence and financial health of medical practices. It can be considered the backbone of healthcare facilities and therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there are no issues when billing for rendered services. Since there various stakeholders involved(Added: Sat Apr 20 2019)

Lack of Prior Authorization Ruining Medicine for Doctors

Did you know, majority of physicians have a negative view of prior authorizations? It not only adds to their administrative burden but also causes significant delays in care delivery. • In a survey conducted by the AMA (American Medical Association), 91% surveyed physicians were found to be frus(Added: Fri Apr 19 2019)

Spotware Opens FX Industry for Startups

Spotware, an award-winning trading solutions provider, has announced that cTrader is a go-to solution for startup brokers who would like to enter the FX industry with a premium technology, full support, and global recognition in minimum time and costs. A well-known trading platform allows brokers(Added: Thu Apr 18 2019)

Spotware Opens FX Industry for Startups

Spotware, an award-winning trading solutions provider, has announced that cTrader is a go-to solution for startup brokers who would like to enter the FX industry with a premium technology, full support, and global recognition in minimum time and costs. A well-known trading platform allows brokers(Added: Thu Apr 18 2019)

Mental Health is the Balancing Phenomenon for People

Without stability in mind it is really hard for people to tackle the situations. People who are bit affected by any of the worst situations can be treated properly by medical industry and they can come back to normal from the trauma without any side effects. The medical industry is moving forward wi(Added: Thu Apr 18 2019)
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