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The Patent which the European Patent Office intends to deliver to AllisBlue Confirms their Strategy

Added: (Thu Aug 25 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - To understand the technology of AllisBlue – send a sms «ALLISBLUE » to the number: +44.779.780.57.77 and get the AllisBlue B2B digital magazine.

London, August 24, 2005 – AllisBlue is the holder of a EP-Patent Application N° 01870057.5-2416 for its technology. On June 28, 2005 the European Patent Office officially notified its intention to grant a European Patent on the basis of this application. Obtaining this patent, which covers the distribution of contents, by the Belgian company, brings the world of communication to a turning point in its history. Eric Delfosse, AllisBlue's CEO, wishes to gather all the actors: customers, operators, advertisers, distributors within a federative and innovating ecosystem.

For ten years, having understood the importance that information on demand would take, AllisBlue has developed a communication platform and unique technology to share with the greatest number of people its vision of the “Mobile phone as the ultimate web remote control”. In 2000, the Belgian company made a request for a patent in the USA and Europe for its process and its applications. The European Patent Office rewarded this step and AllisBlue was informed on 28th June 2005 about their intention to grant the patent to AllisBlue. The American Bureau of Patents will deliver its opinion shortly.

About the patent:

The specificity of the procedure enables anybody to send AllisBlue a request for digital content by a simple phone call, SMS or WAP session and to automatically receive the requested information by e-mail and/or on their mobile phone. This process splits up into several stages and guarantees, from the request to the reception of the desired information, the electronic data protection for the user of AllisBlue technology.

Description of the claims covering the collection of information

Claim 7 of the patent describes the following steps for retrieving a digital content proposed by a third party:
· The person requesting the content (the recipient) enters into connection with the AllisBlue application (a phone call, a text message or a WAP session);
· The recipient is identified by his/her mobile phone number;
· The recipient identifies the content he wants to retrieve;
· The application either associates the recipient’s mobile phone number with his/her e-mail address in order to send the requested content or the application creates an Internet address (URL), parametrized with the person's mobile phone, and from this it will be possible to download the content.
· The patent does not specify what device the recipient will use to consult his/her e-mail or URL. They could therefore equally well be consulted using either a PC or a mobile phone.

The vision of the patent :
· A convergence equation: Mobile x Internet.
· A first product: SMS2MAIL.
· Great prospects: Valorisation going up to 4 billion Euros per annum.
· Division of value (WIN-WIN) for all the actors : mobile operators, SMS providers …
· European expansion in the next 5 years.

The geographic coverage of the patent application includes following countries : Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the U.K., Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco.

The numerous applications covered by the patent application include among others "premium" services currently offered by mobile telephone operators. These have been brought to use the AllisBlue technology, in particular when they propose the downloading of polyphonic ringing, animated logos, games for mobile phones, MP3, videos.

The patent causes changes in the world of mobile telephony :

v From the point of view of users : the advantage of the personalised request

The era of « on demand » is at its height. AllisBlue has understood the importance to satisfy, in full safety, any time and any place, the request of information by mobile phone users. The sending of a SMS starts a process which, in a few seconds only, sends the required information to the e-mail address of the applicant.

v From the point of view of mobile telephony operators : first tool of true convergence

Eric Delfosse, CEO for AllisBlue, underlines that: «Thanks to this news from EPO which puts us in a very strong position with regard to mobile telephony operators, I'd like to specify that AllisBlue never intended to declare war. On the contrary, we hope to find an area of agreement as fast as possible in order to exploit our process at best. Our company wishes to concentrate on the delivery of "on demand" information. »

The turnover made by the "premium" services offer of mobile telephony operators will quickly be caught up with by the requests of end-users via their mobile.

The request for information via the mobile increases in an exponential way each year and this tendency will only go on. This market represents billions of Euros.

v From the point of view of advertisers: an opt-in mobile marketing tool

The technology of AllisBlue is an essential marketing tool for advertisers. Eric Delfosse explains: « This technology will make it possible to revolutionize marketing, advertising and communication habits. It enables advertisers to better target their communication campaign as for the media to be used preferentially to touch their targeted groups. Following an advertisement in a particular media, the AllisBlue approach causes a very high rate of reaction among mobile phone users. It enables advertisers to analyse, for each media used, the results of their communication campaigns in real time. This technology makes it possible not only to increase the return on investment but what is more, it decreases the expenditure needed for the printing of booklets.»

Societies like Proximus, Fortis, Unilever, Warner Bros, Delhaize, Mars, Uncle Ben’s, IBM, Electrabel, Ford, Beiersdorf, Eurostar, AXA, BASE have already placed their confidence in the process of AllisBlue.

On the Internet site of Proximus, Jo Declercq, former marketing person in charge for Ford, claims: « We have already used the SMS2Mail in media campaigns .For a contest but also to propose to test new vehicle models. Each time, success was above all expectations. It's a simple and very advantageous system to carry out successful campaigns. »

v From the point of view of the FEDMA – European Federation of Direct Marketing – Alastair Tempest – CEO

“AllisBlue's pioneering sms2mail concept is a simple, yet brilliant and highly efficient integrated marketing tool. We are certain that it will take the SMS marketing sector by storm throughout Europe as it has already done in Belgium, where it was first launched. We are absolutely delighted to have AllisBlue as FEDMA members, as their product represents direct and interactive marketing at its most innovative and effective, and because their system fully respects consumers' wishes and encourages trust and confidence.

About Allisblue, a visionary company : « The Mobile phone = The Web Ultimate Remote control ! »
In 2001, Eric Delfosse, CEO of AllisBlue, took over the N.E.Way Company created in 1995 aiming at obtaining and marketing their patent. This patent defines a process included in an open technological platform making several applications possible, among others the SMS2MAIL. It enables AllisBlue to develop and market interactive services which transform all types of mobile telephones into remote controls of the Web.

This innovation is interesting because it is very fast and efficient to transmit personalized information.
This unique model makes it possible to quantify in real time the results of a media plan, to evaluate the adequacy between the media and the targeted groups and thus to improve significantly the return on investment of a communication campaign! So, AllisBlue became a member of FEDMA, the European Federation of Direct Marketing.
AllisBlue also concluded a joint venture with the Norwegian digital publisher FF Media Group to create a subsidiary company: PressIsBlue. PressIsBlue enables the media and advertisers to create their own digital magazine quickly and efficiently.

About Joakim Nilsen and the FF Media Group As :

Joakim Nilsen (31),Ceo of Fast Forward Media Group As was involved in two other successful start-ups before founding the Company in 2004:Nilsen's first magazine called Hot Rod, about art and design, was distributed in 12 countries. His next publication, Fjords Magazine, about fashion and lifestyle, won the Magazine of the Year Award in 2002, and is distributed in 16 countries.
FFF Media Group focuses on entertainment and the media on the internet and holds the distribution channel for next generation digital magazines: www.magwerk.com . Using his extensive experience in the advertising sector and his expertise in creative strategy, operations and business development, Joakim has decided to go head to head with the paper industry with the slogan "No more papercuts". The revolutionary MagWerk™ Engine has made their magazines win some 20 international and prestigious awards since their launch of PlayMusicMagazine in January last year. From their base in Oslo, Norway, they have won readers world-wide and among their advertising partners are Sony Ericsson, Diesel, Canon, Mini Morris, Pepsi, and more.

About PressIsblue: more than an e-mail, a complete digital magazine.
PressIsBlue enables an entire magazine to be sent to an electronic address at the request of the recipient via a simple SMS.

International publishers and advertising agencies are already using this unique platform provided by PressIsBlue. Joakim Nilsen explains: «Information is being poorly distributed and we are here to do something about it. Consumers now have the possibility to remotely get online electronic magazines on their email box via one SMS, order the "printed" magazine which is delivered via regular post, listen to pieces of music and buy digital content MP3,games, movies, software,…..online".

Eric Delfosse, also CEO of PressIsBlue, is more specific: "The complementarity of the technologies MagWerk and AllisBlue makes it possible for all mobile phone users to receive and personalise their own magazine all day long.
These users will receive all types of digital content on their "cha-mag" (Channel magazine) in only a few seconds."

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