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Mobile phone interfaces - which is the best and easiest to use?

Added: (Fri Jul 17 2009)

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Interfaces are very important to mobile phones, and it's not just smartphones that get sleek, touchscreen operating systems. Let's see how three of the best interfaces stand up against each other.

LG Viewty Smart

There's a phone out there that fits the phrase 'phone that's nearly a smartphone, without actually being a smartphone': the aptly named LG Viewty Smart. Following on from the original Viewty, the LG Viewty Smart follows the same design ethos of having a touchscreen only interface (the awesome S-Class interface), squeezed into a slim body, but it ups the ante with a superb 8MP camera. It also has HSDPA, making it a truly portable internet device. Put simply, the LG Viewty Smart is the smartest non-smartphone in the world, and it's largely down to the interface. Built around a 3D cube, S-Class gives the LG Viewty a user-friendly and sleek interface, it is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Samsung i8910 HD

However, now we move to a true smartphone: the Samsung i8910 HD. The HD on the end of the name isn't just there for show, it signifies that the Samsung i8910 HD is the first phone in history that can record 720p HD-Video. Conveniently, that's the same definition Youtube shows its high-def videos at, so is it possible that the Samsung i8910 HD is actually the perfect HD Youtube phone? Time will tell, but one thing is certain; the Samsung i8910 HD is the best phone to get if you want the best camera. In terms of the interface, the Samsung i8910 HD uses a new variant of TouchWiz

Palm Pre

So, representing Symbian, you have the Samsung i8910 HD, with its double-hit combo of astounding camera and music. Flying the flag for non-smartphones, there's the LG Viewty Smart. But we're discussing interfaces here, and one phone beats both of these powerhouses hands down: the groundbreaking Palm Pre. You see, the Palm Pre is built on an entirely custom interface called WebOS, that is easily the slickest, most intuitive interface that's ever been released. With intuitive gesture controls and finger sweeps for EVERY action on the phone, the Palm Pre also brings in tight integration between its apps. Book a cinema ticket on one app, and the Palm Pre automatically updates your calendar with the time. Multitask many different apps, and watch the Palm Pre run without any effort or lag. In the world of interfaces, basically, the Palm Pre just cannot be beaten!

Submitted by:Matt Sharp
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