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MID’s Variacor® joints adjust for multiple applications

Added: (Thu Nov 30 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - MID of France, a manufacturer of fitting systems for hoses, produces the Variacor® joint system, which makes all hoses flexible and adjustable, whatever the pressure and rigidity. Variacor® joints have been designed for applications such as automotive assembly lines, fire fighting, service stations and civil engineering. MID is now seeking international distributors.
Variacor® joints, which are freely articulated and can be turned 360°, are sturdy, light and compact. The section for passage inside Variacor® joints remains constant, no matter what position they are angled at and whatever movement is made. Load losses are minimised and flows are optimised naturally. Numerous models are available in various sizes and assemblies for multiple applications.
The freely adjustable joints exist in 7mm, 11mm and 16mm diameters. They are also available in R and NPT gas connections for use on small hand-held industrial tools such as impact spanners, grinders, screw-driving machines and riveting presses, as well as for more powerful devices such as nail drivers, staplers, disk presses, pneumatic hammers and compacters.
The Variacor® freely adjustable joint for use in fire-fighting can be inserted between the flexible hose and the fire spout, thus increasing manoeuvrability and reducing the effort required by the firefighter. Use of the spout in cramped quarters such as flats is also made easier. The recoil, when handling the spout, is decreased thanks to better distribution of the hose weight on the ground. The product, which currently exists in a 40mm diameter, is already being used by French fire stations.
The adjustable joint for air networks, drums and pneumatic tools makes it possible to eliminate twisting and coiling of hoses; it also increases precision during movement of the equipment thanks to the reduced effort required as a result of the relative rigidity of feeding hoses. The user-friendliness of workstations can be improved, reducing the risk of industrial injury such as tendonitis or back pains. Working in difficult-to-access areas is also made significantly easier.
The freely adjustable joint for distribution pumps in service stations enables motorists to fill up vehicles easily. The joint increases the manoeuvrability of the spout and avoids any untimely coiling of the feeding hose. Filling is simple whatever the type of vehicle and position of the fuel access point, which helps to ensure a more efficient distribution of customers across the service station. This joint also facilitates the withdrawal of the spout from the vehicle by making it possible to tilt the spout easily and effortlessly once the tank is full. Cleanliness of the surrounding area is thus maintained and the aging of the hose becomes uniform thanks to fewer localised deformations. This system exists in a 16mm diameter for petrol and diesel pumps, as well as in several types of R-gas connections or connections specific to spouts.
About MID
MID, which is headquartered in Albertville (in south-east France), manufactures the Variacor® range of fitting systems.
For further information, please go to: www.variacor.net

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