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RevAbs with Brett Hoebel

Added: (Thu Dec 17 2009)

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Rev Abs is a revolutionary high-energy fitness regimen designed to define the abs and tone the body. It is a brainchild of Beachbody’s Brett Hoebel, an international fitness expert and one of the most in demand nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle coaches the U.S.

Brett Hoebel made a potent combination of ab training, strength training and interval training spiced with the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira to give you unmatched results in just 90 days.
RevAbs is the only fitness training regimen tailored to melt away fat and challenge the muscles of your body to give you a tight, toned body with well-defined abs. Within 90 fat-busting days, RevAbs subjects you to a one-of-a-kind cardio and strength training and a unique ab/core workout to melt off the fat from specific target areas particularly your midsection to unveil ripped, well-toned abs.
RevAbs™ is designed to target your abdominal muscles from 6 different angles—upper flexion, lower flexion, double flexion, side flexion, twist, and extension— making your abdominal muscles work twice harder thereby burning more fat at a much faster rate.
Brett Hoebel’s Abcentrics method targets to “fire” your abs during your workout. That means you are hitting two birds with one stone – toning while tightening your abs. It is much better than slaving over crunches or using any expensive “ab machines”.
Abcentrics shows you how to develop a simple yet powerful breathing method to help you achieve a balanced core while gaining a smaller weight with incredible-looking, well-defined abs.
Compared with other fitness programs, RevAbs is definitely unique because of its ability to give the abdominal muscles a 360-degree workout. The program also boasts of incorporating Capoeira moves, which is an Afro-Brazilian martial art filled with acrobatics and kickboxing, bringing your fitness experience to a higher level. The dance-like fluid full-body movements of Capoeira injects variety and flavor to your RevAbs workout.
RevAbs employs 3 training techniques: Ab training, interval training, and strength training. Ab training is designed to reveal your six-pack abs, interval training burns the fat off your stomach, while strength training helps your body builds lean muscles that continue to burn fat even when you are sitting down or even sleeping.
Brett Hoebel and Beachbody also added “Rev Zone”, a unique feature of RevAbs which pushes you to the limit during your workout.
RevAbs is best for both men and women regardless of whatever fitness level you are in. A modified RevAb workout can easily be performed by beginners while those in the advance fitness level can rev it up in the Rev Zone, or go Full Throttle with the extreme DVDs in the Deluxe RevAbs Package.
When you decide to buy the RevAbs Package from www.xtremefitnessworks.com, you will be able to enjoy the following:
- 8 DVD’s
- Rotation Calendar (Training Calendar)
- Body Fat Tester
- Fitness Guide
- Nutrition Plan
A Deluxe RevAbs Package includes:
- 10 DVD’s
- 2 Resistance Bands
- Deluxe Training Calendar
- Abs Workout Pamphlet
- Fitness Guide
- Nutrition Plan
- Body Fat Tester

The RevAbs DVD’s

1. Abcentrics™ and How to Capoeira (approx. 35 minutes): Learn how to fire your abs discover the basic steps of Capoeira
2. Fire Up Your Abs ( approx. 40 minutes): Calorie-burning cardio with Brett’s Six-Pack Moves to challenge your core from 6 different angles and getting 6 times the results.
3. Power Intervals (approx. 30 minutes): Alternate high intensity cardio and lower-body resistance moves to boost your metabolism
4. Total Strength / Mercy Abs (45/15 minutes): Total muscle workout/The mightiest little workout to challenge your ab muscles
5. Fat-Burning Abs (approx 40 minutes): New ab and cardio combination moves to bring your RevAbs experience to a different level
6. Power Intervals 2 (approx 30 minutes): Great fat-busting lower-body resistance moves and a revved-up cardio routine to literally melt your body fats
7. Strength & Endurance /Merciless Abs ( approx 40/15 minutes): Total body workout for toning and defining the abs and everywhere else/A terrific ab-shredder to unveil a 6-pack abs to die for.

Order your own RevAbs Fitness Program today at www.xtremefitnessworks.com and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep for just a minimum charge to cover shipping and handling.m

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