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O2GOSPORT+ launched by Santeau

Added: (Tue Feb 27 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - O2GO helps you drink more water

Unless you've been living on the moon for the past few years, you'll know that a key part of a healthy lifestyle is to drink plenty of water, about 2 litres a day actually.

Healthy people understand the benefits of drinking plenty of water but find it hard to drink the recommended daily amount. We don't need to tell you about how easy it is to avoid drinking as much water as you should – fizzy drinks, coffee and tea and a swift half down the boozer are all lures away from your friend Mr Water. “It doesn't taste of anything,” we hear you cry, “it's boring,” you say...

Not any more.

O2GO is a brand new product to turn dull old Water into exciting water that could almost be described as ready-to-drink. And before you worry that you don't have room for it in your life, stop – O2GO comes in handy sachets allowing you to enjoy refreshing, energised water with added essential vitamins and minerals wherever you are and whenever you need a hydration boost.

O2GO flavourbursts help people to drink more water everyday. Each sachet dissolves in a 500ml bottle of water, so there's no complicated measuring. Just open your bottle of water, add the contents of the sachet, give it a shake, wait 30 seconds until it goes clear and drink it. Easy. Unless you leave the lid off the bottle, at which point you might have an altogether different hydration problem.

O2GO is available in three refreshing flavours: Peach Dream, Strawberry Splash and Citrus Twist. O2GO contains Citric Acid, a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant, 25% of the RDA of vitamins B1, B3, B5 & B6, Maltodextrin a source of energy and is sweetened with Splenda Sucralose. O2GO does not contain Ace-K, Saccharine or Aspartame, yuk!

O2GO products contain essential vitamins the human body is unable to synthesize or store. When drinking healthy quantities of water these vitamins may be flushed from your system. By including them in the O2GO range you will ensure their presence in your body. There's a few big words coming up here, but don't worry, they're all good things and will help keep your motor running. We promise.

o Vitamin B1(Thiamin) plays an important role in the release of energy from food and helps keep nerves and muscle tissue healthy.
o Vitamin B3 (Niacin) involved in 50 different processes in the body Niacin promotes production of the sex hormones and also helps maintain healthy skin.
o Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) is essential for regulating energy levels, and helps to boost the immune system fighting infection.
o Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) important for storage and release of energy. B6 helps the formation of blood cells, antibodies and aids nervous and digestive systems.
o Citric acid is an organic acid found in citrus fruits. It occurs in the metabolism of all living things and acts as a natural antioxidant.
o Maltodextrin. Dextrins are a group of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the primary biological means of storing and consuming energy.
o Splenda Sucralose is a no calorie sweetener that is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar. It is suitable for use by diabetics.

Each product is available in a stick sachet and we'd recommend using four sachets a day to encourage consumption of the 2 litres you need. O2GO can be found in health clubs, bars, pubs, clubs, airlines, restaurants, the office, cafes and other food service outlets. The O2GO range is available from SANTEAU direct or our food service partners Single Source Ltd.

Notes to Editor:
• Research from Mintel has shown that over 70% of the UK population don’t drink enough water.
• 50% of adults in the UK are concerned about drinking tap water.
• It can also cost on average £450 for one person to buy bottled water for a year, and if you have a family of four it is around £2,000.
• The majority of people refill their water bottles an average of 7 times, often from the gym or office water cooler, before purchasing a new bottle.
• 2 litres of water is the recommended daily fluid intake by the British Dietetic Association.

Santeau UK Ltd., based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, is a health and wellbeing company specialising in research and development of quality vitamin & mineral supplements for the European health market.

For samples & information call SANTEAU Ltd +44(0) 845 6443 633 / www.wedrinkmorewater.com

Submitted by:Jonathan Yates
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