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UK's Own Dating Coach Urges Women in their 40s to Use Their Age to Win the Dating Game

Added: (Mon Mar 15 2010)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The Divine Image, the U.K.s first and only dating consultancy committed to finding love in midlife, today announced the launch of its 'Life Begins At 40' date coaching. Through one-to-one consultations, women 40+ years of age learn how to use their life knowledge and experience to master the art of quality dating at midlife and find their special man and a wonderful relationship within six to 18 months.

'Life Begins At 40' date coaching is inspired by the first-hand experiences of The Divine Image founder, dating expert and love strategist, Camelia Fredericks, who reinvented herself and her life in her late 30's by setting herself a challenge to find a husband. Camelia will be turning 40 this year and is celebrating her age as an experienced and the UK's favourite dating coach.

Camelia will be marrying classic marketing and self-development principles with contemporary dating strategies, 'Life Begins At 40' coaching aims to help women make age work for, not against, them in the highly competitive singles market. Women learn to use their life knowledge and experience, as well as wisdom and intuition, to be the best they can be, at any age, resulting in a renewed sense of clarity, confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm for dating and finding love in midlife.

Camelia Fredericks, a successful information lawyer for more than 12 years in London, founded her dating, etiquette and image consultancy. Camelia Fredericks has enjoyed a fast-paced life and career, regularly traveling around the world on business. Then, in her thirties as a single professional woman at the peak of her career, she instigated the ultimate project, a midlife makeover. At the same time, she became a self-professed Internet Dating Queen, meeting more than 200 men across Europe and the UK.

Drawing on her business expertise, Camelia Fredericks created her own personal marketing plan to initiate her midlife makeover. Viewing herself as the product, she took the necessary steps to successfully package and promote herself in ways that would attract the interest of her specific target audience, a select group of men with similar goals, lifestyle and values. As a result, Camelia has had over 4 proposals of marriage but yet is determined to remain single for now whilst focussing on her career and achieving the dreams of the high number of single 40, 50 and 60 somethings in the UK - to find and keep that perfect man!

Camelia Fredericks urges women to use age to their advantage to win the dating game. Western culture cherishes youth, so its often the exception rather than the rule for midlife women to feel at the top of their game with their lives generally, never mind the dating game. However, single women in their 40s, 50s and 60s can have just as much fun and success dating as those in their 20s and 30s, if they can apply specific attitudes and actions that increase their inner and outer beauty, youthfulness and health, the criteria for how men assess attractiveness, according to evolutionary psychology.

Successful 40+ dating is about coming to terms with the reality of midlife, which includes fewer available men, body changes, personal baggage, ingrained habits and insular lifestyles. The Divine Image clients, many of whom have very successful careers are encouraged to view dating as they would any serious business endeavour, with a realistic understanding of the challenges and the commitment and perseverance required to carry out a well-devised plan for success. Following the 'Life begins At 40' model, these women will learn to meet relationship goals and dating objectives in a manner that demonstrates determination, not desperation.

There are many fantastic single women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who can increase their chances of finding a suitable man and a healthy, happy relationship if they take the time to rediscover themselves at midlife and to apply new dating and relating skills for finding love in the second half of life, said Camelia Fredericks. For example, by embracing gracious power a dynamic combination of life experience, self-awareness and esteem, sexual maturity, intelligence, compassion, understanding and patience, older women can not only set themselves apart from younger ones, but radiate a positive, magnetic energy that attracts all thats good in life and love. Its one of the many gifts of midlife waiting to be claimed.

Visit www.thedivineimage.co.uk for more information.


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Camelia Fredericks, founder of The Divine Image, self styled love strategist and dating expert is articulate, entertaining and a competent real life expert for discussion midlife dating, love and life transformations and is available for interviews or contributions to media articles.

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