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Tsunami predicted to hit the East Coast of America, 25/12/2007

Added: (Fri Jul 13 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Exciting new Biblical research has been used to show that the 666th name in the Bible is Solomon. Revelation says that 666 is the number of a name and also says "here is wisdom" when referring to it. Solomon was famed for his wisdom, and it is our "common sense" that is identified as the beast. This is because our common sense tells us that we can't �give up what we have and follow Jesus�. It is 100% possible to follow his teachings but it requires faith to believe that it is possible.

The research has been extended to find the 666+666th name, 666+666+666th and 666+666+666+666th name, which relate to the four beasts that Daniel saw. The results are all positive. In addition, the 3000th name is Paul (see www.provingjesus.co.uk to find out their significance). The extension to the research provides added evidence for Solomon/wisdom as 666.

The evidence was originally used to predict a tsunami on the 1st of April 2007 (see www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=28435 for the original press release). The tsunami was predicted to hit America, but the Solomon islands were hit instead. The name Solomon indicates that God is in support of the arguments used, but is giving us extra warning.

The tsunami to hit America is now predicted for 25th December 2007. It is the date of a full moon (fulfilling a sign in Joel about the moon turning red due to volcanic dust). Additionally, there is a picture of the whore of Babylon riding the scarlet beast of Revelation on America itself (Hudson Bay/Labrador). This identifies America as the Biblical Babylon, which is predicted to be destroyed by an angel throwing something like a large millstone into the sea. In fact the tsunami will be generated from the unstable volcanic island of La Palma, when part of the island falls into the sea during an eruption.

The reason for this event is as follows. There are 2.5 billion people living in extreme poverty, often suffering from disease and malnutrition. Rich countries like America claim to be Christian, yet do not follow teachings like "sell your possessions give the money to the poor and follow Jesus". If people were following his teachings, there would be no such thing as poverty. Since people are unwilling to follow the commandments of Jesus, it would be wrong for God to allow the situation to persist (otherwise billions would remain in poverty indefinitely). Therefore, the end-time plagues are there (a) to draw attention to the problem and (b) to end the problem. If necessary, the problem will be ended through asteroid impact in 2039 (see http://asteroid2039.com); the signs of Matthew relating to the end times are fulfilled in August 2027 during the first approach of this asteroid.

Submitted by:Alasdair Laurie
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