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Sixty things to do before you hit 60

Added: (Mon Sep 03 2007)

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Most of us dream of doing something wacky, wild or just plain weird before we get too old to manage it (or be able to remember afterwards!). Why not see if your burning ambition is on our list of 60 things to do before your 60th birthday. If itís not, drop us a line and tell everyone what you have in mind to make your mark on the world.

1. Do a bungee jump. They say a bungee jump is guaranteed to quicken the pulse, but it could equally be a parachute jump, or even a sky-dive. Or, if heights arenít your thing, why not try a scuba dive?

2. Bury the hatchet. A grudge is a bit like an old cardigan: comfortable and familiar to the person wearing it but much less attractive to everyone else. Donít get so used to carrying a grudge around that you canít imagine life without it. Put it down Ė NOW!

3. Eat out really well. Even if youíre more used to foie gras than fishfingers, everyone, just once in their lives, should push the boat out and dine in style like thereís no tomorrow.

4. Stop smoking. If you do smoke, do it now. And donít think of it as giving up or stopping. Be positive about it, tell people youíve taken up living, or started breathing.

5. Come out of the closet. A wise person once said: the truth will set you free. Whatever your secret, if itís getting you down, just loosen your grip and let it go. Youíll feel better for it.

6. Clear out the closet. Few of us like to admit to being a hoarder but be honest, do you really need those old cheque book stubs? Will you ever find the part for that food mixer? Go on, chuck Ďem out!

7. Give away something precious. They say you canít take it with you, and what better way could there be to show you care than to give your most precious possession to someone you love.

8. Give flowers to a stranger. It doesnít have to be a stranger, just someone to whom you wouldnít usually give flowers. Their reaction will make it all worthwhile.

9.Play a round of golf. Mark Twain called golf ďa good walk, spoiledĒ. Even if hitting a little white ball isnít for you there can be few activities better for mind, body and soul than a walk round a well-manicured golf course.

10. Plant a flower. Or a vegetable. Or a tree. Whatever takes your fancy, thereís really nothing to beat the feel of fresh soil between your fingers.

11. Take a dog for a walk. Already got a dog? Take a rabbit instead (they love it, and youíll be amazed at all the attention you get).

12. Wash your neighbourís car. Someone once said (or should have), itís the small acts of selfless kindness that make life worth living. And remember: what goes around comes around.

13. Go barefoot for a day. Donít wait for the beach. Get those shoes and socks off and get those toes waggling.

14. Swim in the sea on your birthday. For anyone born between October and April, this could be a tough one (unless your nearest sea is the Caribbean!). If so, paddle.

15. Learn to dance. Maybe you have two left feet or youíre already an accomplished hoofer. Either way, itís never too late to get those toes tapping to a new beat.

16. Spend Christmas in a non-Christian country. If your Christmases have become a bit predictable, one surefire way to reinvigorate your festive spirit is to go without one for a year.

17. Surprise someone. Best of all, surprise yourself.

18. Take a cruise. Go on, you know you want to. And just look where you can go nowadays. There are even cruises to Antarctica!

19. Ride a horse. Already safe in the saddle? OK, try a camel.

20. Get a smaller car. Save money, save petrol, save lives, save the planet.

21. Go to Glastonbury. No, not for the festival. For the other 51 weeks of the year youíll find a pretty, sleepy little Somerset village steeped in legends that hardly anyone visits.

22. Spend a day being pampered. Go on, youíve earned it.

23. Draw/paint a self-portrait. Warts and all.

24. Go for a week with no telly, radio, papers, magazines or the internet. Can it be done? Dare you try?

25. Host a party for the neighbourhood. In an increasingly isolated society, what better way could there be to connect with those wound you?

26. Swim with dolphins. Those whoíve done it say thereís nothing like it. Just donít try holding your breath for as long as they can.

27. Snorkel off the Great Barrier Reef. Australia may be out of reach but there are plenty of places closer to home where you can discover the beauty of the world under the waves.

28. Go on safari. In truth, safari simply means Ďjourneyí in Swahili. Donít delay, go today.

29. Visit a wonder of the world. With seven to choose from the only trouble will be deciding which one.

30. Bake a cake for someone special. There really is nothing quite like the aroma of your own, home-mixed cake, fresh out of the oven. Donít forget the icing!

31. Go camping. Thereís nothing like a night under canvas, even if it is just in the garden.

32.See Muse in concert. Well, everyone does say theyíre the best live music act around at the moment.

33. See the Kings of Leon. But this lot arenít bad either.

34. Hold a newborn baby. Just make sure you have mumís permission first.

35. Organise a treasure hunt.

36. Learn kickboxing. Great exercise but if thatís too aggressive for youÖ

37. Become a dab hand at yoga. Ah, thatís better.

38. Post a video on YouTube. Nothing on telly? Then make your own.

39.Talk to someone in a queue. Talk? In a queue? How very unBritish. Exactly!

40. Buy something frivolous but expensive. You know you donít need another handbag, but who cares?

41. Drive an open-top sports car. Just remember not to do an Isadora Duncan.

42. Tell someone ĎI love youí knowing they might not say it back. At least they canít say they didnít know.

43. Eat so much chocolate you almost throw up. Of course, you have to like chocolate for this one.

44. Sing a song out loud. Canít remember all the words? Doesnít matter, just hum.

45. Dye your hair a ridiculous colour. Time for another blue rinse? Why not try orange instead?

46. Learn a language. Itís said it gets easier the older you get. Cíest vrai!

47. Act in a community play or performance. Alternatively, thereís always scenery to shift if you really canít face the footlights.

48. Test drive an expensive car youíll never buy. Confidence is the key. Tell the chap in the car showroom youíre Roman Abramovichís personal shopper.

49. Buy a Big Issue and chat to the seller. Everyoneís got a story to tell if youíre prepared to listen.

50. Admit it when you break wind. Just donít show off about it.

51.Learn to ski/snowboard. Itís true, you really are never too old to learn something new.

52.Go skinny dipping (preferably somewhere warm). Go on, get Ďem off!

53. Learn to play a musical instrument. It doesnít have to be a piano. Start small with a kazoo.

54. Celebrate your next birthday with a bottle of genuine vintage champagne. Said by some to be the closest you can get to an angel kissing your tongue. Be careful though, you may never be able to drink the non-vintage stuff again.

55. Fall in love. What, again?

56. Learn how to make a proper curry. Once youíve made the real thing youíll never want to taste a chicken tikka masala again.

57. Go to church. If youíre already a regular at your local church, why not go to a mosque or a synagogue instead?

58. See a Shakespeare play. When you consider his subjects Ė murder, mystery, royalty, romance, blackmail, betrayal, love Ė itís no wonder heís been packing them in for 400 years.

59. Lighten up. Itís true, life really is too short to be taken so seriously. Well, not all the time.

60. Donít forget Ė whatever you do, ENJOY YOURSELF DOING IT.

Submitted by:James Zhao
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