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Prem Rawat Brings Message of Hope to Prisoners in New Delhi, India

Added: (Tue Jun 13 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - New Delhi, India, December 22 — For the inmates of Tihar Prison, Jail #2, in New Delhi, December 1st is a day that will be long remembered. Prem Rawat, known also by the honorary title of Maharaji, accepted an invitation from the superintendent of the prison to speak at a special event where he addressed 1,000 prisoners, prison officials and staff. The event was organized through Raj Vidya Kender, a nonprofit organization that promotes Prem Rawat’s message of peace in India.
For over a year, inmates at this prison had been enjoying regular video presentations of Prem Rawat’s addresses. Through the prison suggestion box, many inmates requested prison officials to invite Prem Rawat to visit the jail and talk to them.
The superintendent of the prison sent Prem Rawat a letter in August thanking him for his message of peace and inviting him to speak. “A good number of people have benefited through sessions conducted under your expert and wise guidance,” the invitation said. “Considering the tremendous impact it can have on the mindset of prisoners and lead them to the path of reform, we take privilege to solicit your kind services in introducing sessions for inmates of this jail.”
The Director General, Mr. R. P. Singh, introduced Prem Rawat at the event saying, “For the last two years, you have been listening to Prem Rawat’s discourses through videos and enjoying them. Today, he is with us in person to give his message to bring about an improvement in your life. This is a special honor for all of us. On behalf of the officials, the staff, and the prisoners, we express our special gratitude.”
Then Prem Rawat addressed the enthusiastic crowd who erupted into applause as he said, “It is easy to feel disappointment in this life, but do not forget that every day the first ray of sun brings hope. All the pages of the book of your life have not yet been scripted.” He went on to say, “Truth resides in everybody’s heart. Real humanity is not in countries, but in every human being. It doesn’t matter who he is or where he is from. There is a miracle inside of you. You can light that lamp of hope so there can always be light in your life.”
After the event, Radheshyam Arya, superintendent of the prison, said, “Maharaji has shown the ray of hope to the prisoners, and I thank him for that.” Deputy Superintendent Prakash Chandra said, “There is a need to listen to Maharaji’s message here again and again so that the prisoners’ life can become successful.” One inmate said, “I feel very grateful that Maharaji came here and addressed us. I want to thank him a million times.” Another, Sampat Singh, said that Prem Rawat’s heartfelt message filled him with self-confidence. “Though I am in jail,” he said, “I feel an eternal freedom.”
The Tihar Jail complex is one of the largest prison complexes in the world with over 13,000 inmates. From the overwhelming reaction of prisoners and prison officials, it appears that many lives were given new hope.

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