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Jehovah's Witnesses revile the Red Cross

Added: (Sun Sep 11 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - -Watchtower reviles the Red Cross their nemesis-Humanitarian Red Cross is everywhere saving lives,the Jehovah Witness have $200 billion in world wide assets.Where is their charity?

Danny Haszard's testimony-In 1991 the Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was 'studying' the newly released "blood booklet" an indoctrination publication by the Watchtower society.I was in the audience as a member of the congregation.

What i heard with my own ears:

The Red Cross was denounced by the Jehovah's Witnesses elder conducting the service as a "wealthy racket who get the blood for free and then sell it for $500.00 a pint" he went on to elaborate- "that if the Red Cross was to file a financial statement that they would be among the fortune 500 companies they are so rich".

I left the cult in early 1992 and immediately turned against the JW's as part of my defiant deprogramming protocol i qualified and became a 'preferred' blood donor at Children's' Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.

[Jehovah's Witnesses consider blood donation a capital offense against God!]

I would not donate anything including my blood to the RC as i still held contempt for them as a 'greedy racket'.

My blood donation at Children's was used for small children with leukemia who were receiving bone marrow transplants.

One session i was laying on the gurney and joked with the nurse if she thought my blood was safe?(I knew it was largely due to my 'boring' lifestyle as a lifetime JW and no risk history)

She replied,"I would trust your blood in my own child"- I got teary eyed....

Year 2001-I have moved to Bangor Maine from Boston and decided to give the Red Cross a blood donation.First,i must square the facts about their 'profiteering'.

I had just read a story in the Bangor Daily News newspaper on the RC having hard times and only getting paid $120.00 for a pint of blood from local Bangor hospitals.

I made an appointment with the local RC director and demanded a financial accounting from them before i gave a drop of my blood.

What i learned, THE REAL DEAL:The RC at that time 2001 did in fact get only $120.00 for a pint of blood,of which at least half of this cost is spent by the RC themselves on rigorous laboratory testing.

The local director when on to say that "they have been broke for years and live hand to mouth and only 60 days from being evicted from their building for non payment of their rent."

Yes the humanitarian Red Cross is everywhere saving lives,the Watchtower on the other hand has $200 billion in world wide assets.Where is their charity?It doesn't exist!

What is amazing is that despite my rejecting the Watchtower cult, my brainwashing indoctrination was so embedded after 40 years that still NINE YEARS post-exit they controlled some of my beliefs.

[footnote:If your insurance statement shows a $500.00 charge for a pint of blood this is the hospital's billing NOT the Red Cross]

Watchtower Whistleblower: Danny Haszard Bangor Maine
Jehovah's Witnesses are the 'perfect storm' of deception-in a word they are the cult of Innuendo

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Submitted by:Danny Haszard
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