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Jehovah's Witnesses and "Love Bombing" what is it?

Added: (Tue Aug 09 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Cocooned by a Cult-Swarm over You with Instant Family,Instant Friends,Instant Purpose...

Love-bombing is characteristic of most cults Prospects, recruits and members are drowned in a sea of love and caring.

Is this what Christ meant when he said, "By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another," (John 13:35)?

I've heard cult members say, "Of course we practice love-bombing: Who'd want to be in a group or church that practiced hate-bombing?" This attitude highlights a common misconception.

Hate-bombing is not the opposite of love-bombing.

The opposite of love-bombing is unconditional love. Love-bombing is highly conditional.

The cults will love you to death while you represent a prospective convert to their group. As a member a tight family love will surround you as you faithfully promote their cause.

However, when it is clear that a prospect will not join the group or a member voices doubts, create waves, or leaves the group, all love ceases.

Indeed scorn is immediately heaped on these individuals and remaining members are told not to have any contact with them.

All time, effort and love-bombing is then directed towards new prospects and the faithful members. Is this the love evangelical churches should practice?

Unconditional love is what God practiced when he sent his Son to die for us "while we were yet sinners," (Romans 5:8).

He doesn't love us because we might become or are his faithful servants. He simply loves us. He will disapprove of our sin and approve of our faith but He will always love us.

Churches need to love visitors because they are humans created in God's image and not because they are prospective members. The love needs to continue if the visitor chooses to associate with another group of believers.

Problem members need to be loved even if they create problems or leave in a huff. Christians need to practice God's kind of love.

Taken from:Beware of the love bomb,by Leonard Brenner


Danny's follow up comments-

HOW DO CULTS SEDUCE THEIR PREY ? A tactic used most often is the LOVE BOMBING.They swarm over you in a sort of ,"COCOONMENT".


You don't have to look inside yourself for answers anymore, because cult leaders, or their designated high disciples*Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Elders*,dispense all your spiritual needs.

A mass delusion,mass hysteria,operating under the illusion of a master plan.In military jargon it's known as the 'cluster blunder'.

Poet and writer Mark Twain sez: "If a million people believe in a stupid thing for a hundred years,it's STILL a stupid thing".

Survey sez; that your risk of being inducted into a destructive cult are TWICE the statistical risk of contracting chicken pox.

Don't be-shanghaied to shangri-La.

Yes,the Watchtower's plagiarizing pirate ship was 'scuttled', before it ever left the docks. It was all the 'blind following the blind'.

If they can't use you they will abuse you.

All hands abandon ship!

Danny Haszard -Expert witness on
the Jehovah's Witness www.DannyHaszard.com


Submitted by:Danny Haszard
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