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Another Nail in the Coffin - for Samuel Smiths Old Brewer?

Added: (Tue May 13 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - It now seems certain that the Samuel Smiths Old Brewery (Tadcaster) Ltd., is definitely heading fo commercial suicide!! In yet an another amazing ruling from the top - a new directive now dictates what food, managers can serve - and customers can choose from. As a result, many popular dishes will be barred - to be replaced mainly by an option of various pies.

From what I can gather at this juncture, Sam Smith's Landlords/Managers will no longer be permitted to sell their currently popular meals - even if 'joe customer' loves them. Oh no - you eat what you are told to eat - or tough cookies!!

This follows other brewery directives, which includes a ban on all music, including the singing of 'Happy Birthday'. Managers have also been instructed to make no additional provisions for their smoking clientele. No matter how loyal or long-stand their custom has been. If you smoke, and it's raining outside - hard luck, you're probably going to get wet.

Maybe the Sam Smith brothers, Humphrey Richard Woollcombe Smith and Oliver Geoffrey Woollcombe Smith, don't care too much. Business success or stability, seem at the bottom of any menu.

A further recent reduction in management and staffing hours - has led to five Managers in the Doncaster area - who were in protest over the changes - being dismissed. The Managers had complained that their hourly reductions were unrealistic, and could lead to serious Health & Safety, and European Employee's rights violations. The Managers, at first, locked themselves in their pubs' accommodation - before being evicted. It's alleged that Humphrey Smith (who's farther was a High Sheriff and Barrister) dismissed the Managers, for insubordination.

Previous rulings of late have included; Removal of all external 'Samuel Smiths' signage and livery. The banning of Pork Scratchings. The banning of Televisions in all bars. The banning of Dogs. The banning of dancing (indirectly through the banning of music). The banning of any non own labeled spirits. The banning of all 'alchopops'.

Just recently, two Area Managers, and one Senior Area Manager have resigned. why?

Submitted by:Max black
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