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Added: (Fri Nov 21 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix Seeds’, is an innovative new website offering individual cannabis seeds from all the top seed banks for a unique growing experience – but how do you know which weed to choose? With some many different brands of cannabis seeds and all that fancy packaging, are the different types all that different and if so how?

Rowan Allen, said, “It can be quite confusing for people looking to buy cannabis seeds as there are so many different varieties. People love our pick ‘n’ mix concept, but we do get customers who are not sure which strains or types of seed to buy. Customers who visit the website have a huge range of weed seeds to choose from and with so many seeds available, it seems ridiculous to restrict yourself to just one variety”

According to the experts at Pick ‘n’ Mix seeds, there are three main putative species of cannabis plant which are, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Buying Cannabis Sativa seeds is a good bet for those wanting that extreme high, as their buds produce more of a high than Cannabis Indica buds. Characterized by long thin flowers and spiky leaves, this form of Cannabis is not ideal for outdoor cultivation in colder countries so it is worth bearing this in mind when purchasing marujana seeds from the net.

Cannabis Indica, originate from the Hindu-kush district of Central Asia, making these plants extremely hardy and ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation in cooler climates. The third species of cannabis is Cannabis ruderalis, which is a variety of cannabis that grows wild in parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. Again, they are ideal for cultivation in cooler climates, and they are also ‘autoflowering’ so they only require one lighting cycle.

Mr Allen added, “There are now Dutch hybrid varieties available that combine Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica, ideal for those wanting to mix it up a little, all of these varieties are great as finding the right plant is often down to experimentation. That’s why the Pick ‘n’ Mix concept is a novel idea, customers can buy many different types of cannabis seeds from us and mix and match varieties, after all who wants a grow room full of the same plants?

Mr Allen added, “Some people just want to try a few different strains before committing to a full packet of weed seeds. However most people who pick and mix for just a trial end up picking and mixing forever.”

Cannabis is the only plant that produces chemicals called cannabinoids, and it is these psychoactive cannabinoids that are responsible for the increased high that marijuana is able to produce. Amazingly, there are around 40 cannabinoids, but most are not psychoactive.

The main types are D9 THC, the main ingredient that gets you high, Cannabidiol, known as CBD, which again appears in virtually all varieties of cannabis, and CBN, which is found in fresh bud. This is produced as the THC degrades or oxidises. It is not common for Marijuana with high
levels of CBN generally make the user feel mellow and induce that all too common sleepy effect.

Mr Allen added, “At our website www.pickandmixseeds.co.uk, we allow each customer to buy these different types of plant, if need be you could even have a grow-room containing all three varieties to get the full effects of each! One of our customers recently told us that every day when he gets home from work he spends ten minutes deciding what weed to smoke. He went on to say that without

Pick and Mix Seeds he would not be able to afford to try out new strains in this way."

About Pick ‘n’ Mix Seeds
As well as being a leading supplier of feminised cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds from the major seed banks in their conventional packs of ten (cheaper than anyone else online), their ‘pick and mix’ concept means that you can ‘pick and mix’ your favourite strains of marijuana seeds and weed seeds.

Their website at www.pickandmixseeds.co.uk offers extensive information on choosing a suitable mix of cannabis seeds and information targeted around helping you decide whether to buy regular or feminized seeds.

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