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Earth's Ambient Temperature Asserting Itself

Added: (Wed Jul 12 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Don Stewart, formerly contracted as policy analyst at the New Zealand Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, says Global Warming is wrongly defined. Scientists are now aware that the world's stock of ice at the poles and in mountainous regions, will melt within the next 40 to 50 years.

However, what is really at issue is the origin of this ice on the earth's surface. Mr Stewart says that the ice should not be here. Obviously it is. The real question is, "How come"?

It is now becoming clear, according to American scientists who found meteorites in abundance on the surface of the South Polar ice sheet, that the ice on earth, and on Mars' north pole, is the result of some sort of catastrophe. Whether both planets were affected at the same time by the same catastrophe is still unclear. (This situation is the true story behind the plot in Mr Dan Brown's novel Deception Point).

Thus the earth's ambient temperature, and presumably Mars' ambient temperature as well, is the real agent in melting the ice caps.

However, retro- calculations or guesstimates, as far as they can be accurate given little data on initial stocks, are showing that with the stock of ice currently on earth, compared to assessed stocks in circa 1900, the catastrophe that hit the earth must have occurred in circa 2500 BC.

Egyptologist Kate Spence, using astronomical calculations (check the Internet), has shown the very high likelihood of the great Pyramids being constructed in circa 2500-2600, not 3000 BC as normally assumed. These dates could still be 200 years too old so there now seems to be a very strong case supporting the accounts of a great flood in circa 2450 BC if the chronology of the Jewish account is accurate. The Pyramids show no sign of water erosion.

Mr Stewart says the Jewish account states that the water for this flood came from caverns underneath the earth's crust. The dynamics of those caverns releasing water into the stratosphere could account for massive snow showers in a matter of weeks producing the world's existing stock of ice.

However, Governments using data fraudulently massaged for the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change are trying to reduce world dependence on oil in order to prevent Muslim and Arab control of the world's assets. There is a massive propaganda onslaught to get people to believe oil- and carbon-based products are causing the ice caps to melt hence to reduce their consumption of these products. This campaign also helps to divert attention from the fundamental flaws in much of modern western science.

Mr Stewart, also a former economist contracted to the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service in Wellington, New Zealand, has collected evidence from meetings with American and New Zealand scientists to support these claims.

Submitted by:Don Stewart
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