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Car Rust Repair & Removal, Car Corrosion Prevention & Protection

Added: (Mon Jan 23 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - "Car, truck, and automobile rust have been an ongoing maintenance and repair problem for years. Rust prevention is imperative to the health and maintenance of our vehicles; we never really pay attention to the damage that can and will occur due to rust corrosion.

Everyday we use our cars, trucks, and automobiles without any thought to get us from point A to point B. Weíve all been there before; we wake up in the morning, get dressed, walk out to our cars, and expect them to start. Little do we think of rust or other maintenance problems that can hinder our cars ability to function until itís too late! No matter how new or old your vehicle is, rust can be one of the most commonly overlooked facets of car ownership. Rust is commonly compared to a cancer, which if left unnoticed, can eat away at our vehicles metal and steel on a daily basis making it very difficult to control. Once rust sets in, it spreads throughout your vehicle making its structure unstable, harder to maintain, and almost impossible to remove without cutting sections of the cars metal off and replacing and re-welding the sections of the vehicle where the rust has started to set in. More cars, trucks, and equipment are destroyed by rust in one year that accidents. We commonly ask for airbags and other safety features as a standard in our new and old cars, so we can protect our families and friends, without a healthy frame underneath all those added bells and whistles will not help, our vehicles can still be a driving hazard without us even realizing it.

In order to prevent rust from destroying the foundation of our vehicles we must first know how to prevent the rust from forming, and then take preventative measures such as corrosion control coating to help eliminate the risk of corrosion that rust can cause.
Rust is a naturally occurring phenomenon of metallic deterioration. When metal and oxygen come in contact with the metal in our cars, it starts to destroy all the auto body parts it comes in contact with. Itís especially apparent in vehicles which are over exposed to moisture and humidity. The rust weakens the structural integrity of our vehicles and also becomes an eye sore to many of us once the rust is revealed and showing on the exterior of our vehicles. We tend to overlook the severity of rust until the eye sore of a rusting vehicle is among us. Typically, the damaged metal on our vehicles are exposed to rust via accidents, scratches, door dings, snow, ice, water, salt, and even hard rain.

There are various ways we can be proactive and help prevent our vehicles from the unnecessary contraction and spread of rust. Rust prevention techniques come in various ways, such as rust repair, rust paint, rust prevention coatings, automotive undercoating, rust proofing, corrosion protection coating, and corrosion control coating. Various companies have been engineering products for decades to battle the rust problems associated with our everyday vehicles. Each company has similar products that do one or two of the techniques from above, but none have packaged all of the techniques into one product until now. With their dual patented new technology Rustbullet (www.rustbullet.com) has successfully captured all of the best features to prevent and protect our cars, trucks, vehicles, and automobiles from rust contraction. Rustbullet is a one-step (two coats), simple to apply, rust corrosion control product. It coats over rusty and clean metal with superior adhesion and little or no surface preparation. It is nearly indestructible with armor like protection that can withstand strong weather resistance in all climates even below sea water. It is easy to apply with little or no maintenance required and contains no zinc, chromates, acids, or heavy metals. To learn more about rust prevention and control, along with more information about Rustbullet products, please visit their website at www.rustbullet.com, email info@rustbullet.com, or call and speak to one of their knowledgeable representatives in the US and Canada please call 1-800-245-1600 or 1-775-829-5606 for International Information.

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