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Why Thousands Of Brits Move To Canada Every Year

Added: (Wed Mar 07 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Survey By Muchmor Magazine Reveals Why Thousands Of Brits
Move To Canada Every Year

Muchmor Magazine realised that many British people were leaving the UK and moving thousands of miles away for a new life in Canada. They conducted a survey to find out why people wanted to leave Britain and why choose Canada as a new home.

Corbyville, Ontario March 7th 2007 – Every year thousands of Brits leave the UK for a new life in Canada. Muchmor Magazine asked potential immigrants why they thought that a new life in Canada was going to be better than the one they had in the UK.

Lots of people cited the weather in Britain as a reason for emigrating, stating that the UK lacked proper summers, had too much rain and too many grey days and not enough snow.

The Government came in for some criticism with many saying that they no longer felt they had any faith in Mr Blair and his government to make Britain a better place. Many felt that the quality of life offered in the UK was declining with the following being listed as reasons: chav-culture, too many asylum seekers, easy access to drugs, rising crime rates, yob culture, some even cited the London congestion charge as a good reason to leave the UK. Other reasons given included overcrowding, litter, graffiti, traffic congestion and too many clubs and pubs encouraging drinking for young people.

Another aspect of the UK that came high on the list of gripes was the cost of living. Jane Toombes, editor of Muchmor said, “the term “Rip-off Britain” kept cropping up along with high petrol prices, high property prices, high taxes and generally a high cost of living compared to the likes of Canada. People felt under pressure to “keep up with the Jones’s” as far as property, cars and jobs were concerned, encouraging a debt culture.”

Many potential immigrants were concerned about their children’s futures in the UK. They thought that the education system was seriously flawed and that the quality of exams was questionable. Others felt that the lack of discipline in schools was encouraging children to grow up with the wrong attitudes and a lack of respect for others.

The NHS also came in for a hammering with many people scared of having treatment in UK hospitals for fear of contracting diseases such as MRSA.

Finally the people of Britain also seemed to be a reason to leave. The British were classed as unfriendly and selfish with negative attitudes.

Having established why people leave the UK, Muchmor asked why choose Canada?

All people questioned said that they thought Canada would give them a better quality of life. They said they wanted mortgage free property ownership, healthier living, fresh air, open spaces, stunning scenery, outdoor sports, less crime, less pollution, cleaner cities and less stress.

They felt that Canadians didn’t look down on people who earn less, have a smaller car or house. That people were friendlier than Brits and their general attitude was more laid back.

“Once again, their children’s futures were high priority with many believing that they would get a better education in Canada, a happier, healthier lifestyle, more sports activities and all felt that their children, and indeed themselves would feel safer in Canada.” Said Toombes

Another reason for choosing Canada was the weather. Brits want proper seasons where they can look forward to hot, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters. Many looked forward to taking part in winter sports such as skiing and ice hockey and then relaxing by the lake, mountains or even their own pool in the summer.

Some of the people questioned already had friends or relatives in Canada and so wanted to move closer to them. Others wanted a fresh start in a new country. Some people gave unusual reasons for choosing Canada such as “just for the hell of it”, “because they speak English” and “we couldn’t get into America, so Canada was the next best place.”

Muchmor then asked what people thought they would miss about Britain. Top of the list unsurprisingly were family and friends, some also said that they would miss pets that were not emigrating with them. Surprisingly perhaps, some said that they would miss the history and culture that Britain offers.

“We also had some interesting replies,” said Toombes, “people thought they would miss British TV, football, fish ‘n’ chips, Sunday newspapers and Marmite amongst other things. We assured them that many of these things are found in Canada, including Marmite! People also mentioned that they would miss the generous UK holiday allowances once they reached Canada.”

Obviously not all will find utopia in Canada and inevitably some people will be disappointed, but on the whole, the majority of people who have made the leap across the pond have no regrets.

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