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$1000 Hair Art Design Haircuts!!!

Added: (Tue Jan 17 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Introducing the newest and most powerful advertising using haircuts, hairstyles on real people.
Mr. Ronnie Mac, Owner of Shops and Salons; a 10,000 sq. ft. Mega Salon, is right now bringing to the whole world “Hair Art Designs”.

Hair Art Designs are simply drawn pictures and objects like letters, numbers, shapes, even cartoon characters cut into the hair on the heads of real people. I myself along with my crew of highly trained barbers and beauticians are taking these forms of hairstyles and turning it into the most powerful advertising you have ever seen. This is word-of-mouth multiplied by 1,000.

Which brings me to the reason for this press release. $1,000 Dollar HairCuts.com is our new vehicle for bringing Hair Art Designs to the world. We right now have hundreds of companies large and small lining up to get their companies-- “get this”-- names and logos and even products cut into HAIRSTYLES on the heads of REAL PEOPLE. They are what we call “walking, talking BILLBOARDS.”

Look at the P.R. value on this. We charge $1,000 Dollars for each haircut. Hence “1,000DollarHairCuts.com”. Shops & Salons applies $500 Dollars to equipping, training, and the facilitation of each haircut along with providing a high level of quality control, and then $300 Dollars goes to the barber or beautician executing the haircut and then $200 Dollars goes to the model (everyday person/consumer) getting the haircut. How’s that for giving back to your customers and the community. You can imagine, we have thousands of stylists and customers lining up to get in on this new phenomenon. We even set up an interview & audition email page to help sift through candidates.

Every company on the planet is able to advertise in this way. We have even set up our web page: www.thousanddollarhaircuts.com like the new “PIXEL ADS” pages that has been sweeping the media and the internet, with one big difference- All of our links are Companies’ ads in the form of real Hair Art Designs on real people’s heads. All advertisers submit their company name or logo or even product in to us to be duplicated in the Haircut of the model of their choosing. “Black, White, Hispanic, Male, Female, Young and Old we locate them (models) or they can even be provided by the company, i.e. Employees”.

Some companies are even getting TEN and TWENTY models done for publicity at events. These are not like tattoos that are permanent; hair grows back, so you can basically get whatever you want. Imagine leading car companies with their emblems in the back of the heads of proud _______ drivers, or enthusiastic shoe wearers with their favorite shoe logo in their head. What about all those overly excited fans of their favorite NBA and NFL teams or any sports team for that matter. Look at all the schools and colleges that the students will be representing their Alma Maters. All types of companies: cartoon companies, movie & music labels, even food & beverage companies along with radio & television stations can have their company names and logos cut into Hair Art Designs in the heads of real people. Hair Art Designs was already being done but the people were just not getting paid to wear them, Now They Will. “Which will create even more desire for Hair Art Designs”. We have people going to www.thousanddollarhaircuts.com and spending hours just looking at all the different companies logos and products in the heads of all these different people.

This press release is being delivered to all the major media outlets and every company with a name or logo around the world.
Go to www.thousanddollarhaircuts.com and get your companies’ name and logo in line to be featured in what is soon to be the biggest thing in advertising, because Hair Art Designs Are Here!
CONTACT Mr. Mac, Owner and “Head-Head Designer” at (214) 388-8222 or 1-800-406-7711.
Shops & Salons
4820 S. Buckner Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75227


Submitted by:Mr. Ronnie Mac
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