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Added: (Fri Sep 29 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - IPTV, what is it and what does it mean I hear you cry, well IPTV is the ability to transmit television to viewers using IP, Internet Protocol, via a delivery method called Streaming. Streaming is where a file is simultaneously delivered and viewed so that the content does not have to be fully downloaded first and consequently does not store the media on the local hard drive which is beneficial for content owners. Streaming allows viewers to view content almost immediately without having to wait for lengthy download times.

IPTV, is an “Everyone sees the same content at the same time” technology but can also be supported using “on demand services” which allows users to view a particular content at their leisure using seek commands much the same as using a DVD player, but on demand services must not be confused with IPTV as much of the technology providers are doing. You would not state that a DVD is a TV system, it is a video archive so we do not understand why certain IPTV providers with downloadable content are stating they have IP Television, IP Television is “everyone sees the same picture at the same time”.

With the end of 2006 seeing a massive growth in businesses, ISPs and consumers investing and using Streaming Media as a method of communicating moving picture content, 2007 will see an eye opening increase in technology platforms to service these requirements. Remember anything that goes out on IP, the internet protocol, basically means that people who are connected to this network, “The Internet” can view this signal, so you can broadcast to the entire planet, although this can also be controlled.

So will IPTV replace Digital, Cable and Satellite Television, well all of these services “Stream” a digital signal to a box under your TV which is decoded back to a video signal, much the same as IPTV, but it is the connection between the box under your TV and the service provider that is the major difference in the technology. IPTV will use Internet Connectivity via fast internet connections rather than expensive Radio Waves, dedicated cable networks or Satellite Transmissions, so Streaming TV is not really a new technology, the major development is the increased internet connectivity speed available to homes and businesses.

IPTV, must be expensive I hear you cry? Well IPTV has its market in lower audience, niche market television and network video picture distribution. IPTV is priced on a cost per viewer scenario where Sky and Satellite is based on a high “unlimited” viewer costing so broadcasters pay a set fee if they have 1 viewer or 5 million viewers but IP TV for 1 Million viewers would be very expensive, so “Horses for Courses”. With IPTV the broadcaster pays for the peak loading of a channel which you could treat much the same as a Cinema Hall. A cinema has a specific seating capacity for viewers to watch a film, and the cinema owner pays the price for this seating capacity irrespective of how full the cinema screen is per viewing. IPTV TV broadcasters pay a set price for the maximum capacity they require to broadcast their content, fix costing their monthly broadcasting fees rather than being stung using “Bandwidth Usage” costs which is expensive, uncontrollable and less beneficial for business planning unless you are only looking to broadcast for less than 2 hours per day.

So then, we have heard that IPTV is not exactly new, it is the method of delivering this stream to your television set that is and the fact that the Internet Protocol is used to distribute the broadcast. The internet is a global network running on IP and not limited to a specific region allowing you to broadcast your Television Pictures across the globe easily and at a fraction of the cost of Digital Platforms.

View TV, a UK based Internet Television portal broadcasting from www.viewtv.co.uk allows users to broadcast IPTV in a number of qualities up to near DVD quality to computers screens in homes and businesses across the UK and now with the addition of IP Set top boxes which plug in to your broadband connection and a spare scart port on the back of your television, provides you with up to 900 new niche channels.

So what will View TV provide to businesses and broadcasters who want to transmit their content to desktops and television sets across the UK via broadband? Well from £1000 per month you can own a channel number in a specific genre category and transmit your images across the globe with costs rising up to £20,000 per month for a full specification DVD quality channel with high viewer capacity, 14 day to air and completely measurable with instant viewer statistics.

So is this a cost to the business or a benefit to the business? Well IPTV can be treated in many different forms, instant communication, video magazine, live broadcast, quiz and interactive television. If you want to broadcast on satellite or digital platforms £50,000 - £100,000 is a starter package and will only target the certain areas, have no measurable viewing statistics and you pay the same cost if you have a lot or very few viewers to your channel, so IPTV is a very efficient media of broadcast for smaller viewing audiences such as particular specialist sports, hobbies or local towns.

Most companies currently considering IPTV are seeing it as a reallocation of a marketing budget, spending money on producing video content to promote their products and broadcasting to the interested parties. Specialised versions of QVC and BID UP TV channels for product ranges can be broadcasted as an interactive e-commerce solution a fraction of the cost of digital broadcasts and a lot more successful than a bland ecommerce website with static pictures.

So why use View TV rather than going out there and setting up your own website TV channel on your own website? Well it is possible to set up your own online streaming channel but it is around £20,000 setup, £2,000 per month in streaming costs as View TV pass the bandwidth savings and knowledge to the channel owners with extensive costs for online and traditional marketing reduced by more than 60%. Why market a single channel when View TV already has visitors to the site which all want to view online television.

So how do you produce the content, well View TV has thought of it all, you can rebroadcast your current Digital or Satellite Signal on to View TV via a fully managed and monitored solution through its data centre, you can have a single video file on loop, or scale all the way up to a fully scheduled TV channel with programmes being displayed at certain times much the same as ITV 1 and Channel 4 with the added bonus of being able to securely schedule your system and upload content from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. View TV also now has introduced a fully managed channel where you will be assigned a dedicated channel technician to control and schedule your system inside View TV by receiving DVD’s Tapes or Digital File uploads.

View TV has teamed up with Quality Video Production companies across the UK to provide local, stream enabled Video Production facilities for its channel owners as well as with other broadcast service companies so that your channel has all the facilities required to provide a high quality and successful channel for your business or broadcast project. View TV do not pretend to know the entire broadcast market but they have a massive partner base to provide all the facilities you require to produce your channel easily with the best people in the industry.

So what other options are there? Well you can provide a subscription portal for your channel, providing your content on a cost per month basis, a pay per view service via SMS payment system through mobile phones as well as adverts before view on each channel and extensive distribution requirements. All of the options allow your business to profit from revenue generation on your IPTV Channel turning it in to an additional revenue stream as well as a fantastic marketing and demonstration tool.

So what do you need to do next? Well if you logon to www.viewtv.co.uk/broadcaster and download the rate card to see how cost effective it is to produce your own channel and take part in to the future of IPTV.

Jamie Branson
CEO, “View TV” T2eUK Limited

Submitted by:Jamie Branson
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