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Net a Million with Ecademy.com

Added: (Wed Nov 01 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Entrepreneurs are using a website called Ecademy to endure a level of frustration which, until now, was only experienced by soldiers in Iraq looking for WMDs inside those small cardboard ice cream containers. Ecademy is a social networking website that has been collapsing in on itself since 1998. It was started as a dare between Thomas and Penny Power to see who could send the most spam without being arrested. Penny won.

The £1 billion Google acquisition of YouTube.com is so pie-in-the-sky that I can’t talk about it until next week. For every YouTube.com purchase there are approximately 17,000 similar sites or ideas that didn’t make it. But no one remembers that part of the equation -- just ask any life coach who tells saccharine stories of the homeless person who invented oxygen and now lives in a solid gold mansion in California. Speaking of life coaches, Ecademy is basically a breeding ground for the really bad ones. I am talking about the type of life coach who says the way to deal with cancer of the kidney is by going hang gliding and becoming one with nature. You’ll find these same life coaches starting threads on Ecademy’s Front Page so often you’d think they’re being paid huge sums of money. The only other people you see on Ecademy are the ones with the creepy smile and wonky right eye who flog wealth seminars which begin with: I used to be a loser like you and now I have a Mercedes S class and a large home in Monte Carlo just to store my yacht-cleaning supplies. Personally I’d rather give a leper a bath using my tongue than use Ecademy to make business connections with these jokers whose next professional move is into plastic object oriented porn films.

Ecademy basically leaves entrepreneurs to figure out how to use their site. Although the Chairman Thomas Power will tell you first-time users have difficulty getting around Ecademy, it is about as challenging as falling in a general downward direction. You can search for members on Ecademy and experience the mild amusement of reading a personal profile that uses more metaphors than Anthony Robbins on a long weekend with multi-level marketing sales people.

The founders of Ecademy want to build on the notion of 'emotional wealth' in addition to generating financial wealth. That’s what they say publicly. Thomas and Penny Power are much more interested in covering their living expenses and not having to mortgage their home for the 7th time to float Ecademy.

"I like ice cream," says founder, Penny Power. “Flowers are nice unless you’re allergic so you might want to stick with rocks instead.”

Some random survey predicts in five years half of the UK's workforce will be self-employed. Another half will change their first name to Nigel and the final half will start keeping cattle in their kitchen “just in case”. This will really change things in a way that will amaze and confuse the average person. Thomas Power, who has been trying to make something of Ecademy after his arduous career of getting coffee for Sir Alan Sugar in the mid 1980s says, "Sometimes the sky is blue. Sometimes I wear blue neckties. I once had a turtle named Tiberius who ate lettuce and pine nuts. I like breathing."

Membership fees are based on a person’s tolerance for pain.

Submitted by:Glenn Watkins
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