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Pressbox (Press Release) - A 55 second Wikileaks video on Youtube has sparked a global call for a stop to all activity from over a dozen HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) Stations around the globe.

Many Governments and politicians are questioning the negative interference such research activity is having on Plant Earth and its repercussions on the Universe at large.

Benjamin Fulford has declared that the Japan Earthquake in March 2011 was caused or enhanced by HAARP. Alex Jones has been warning the public and media about the dangers of HAARP for years.

The public's increased awareness of HAARP activity is primarily through the internet, although much of it is disinformation and termed "UFO".

The highly intelligent Benevolent extraterrestrials, claiming responsibility for crop circles over the last 60 years and peaceful UFO displays all over the world particularly in the last 6 months, have talked extensively about the dangers to the planet Earth as well as the Universes, from the use of HAARP.

We know from the press conferences in 1995 by Structural Engineer Phil Schneider, Area 51, that there was interest in alien elements such as Corbomide (alien metal with the properties of non-metal carbon that cannot be detected on radar) atomic number 140, for use in stealth technology at that time.

More recently, neutrons, protons and electrons travelling at the speed of light were used to create elements at the CERN Hadron Collider project in Geneva. This activity is in violation of the laws of the universe warn the Galactic Federation, as any small imbalance can be destructive to not just planet Earth but the whole of the Universes.

Once we have the guidance from our Higher Selves for spiritual progression, we will learn to use the power of prayer to travel around the galaxy rather than rely on fossil fuels. We will learn to be one with all the Kingdoms in the Universe. That is the Golden Age of mutual respect, harmony and equilibrium.

With the approach of the Golden Age anytime now, the mediums and channelers who have channeled messages from members of the Galactic Federation of Love and Light such as Metatron, Ashtar, Sananda, St Germaine, Salusa all agree that we humans are Divine beings who simply forgot that they came down on this planet as five distinct races of extraterrestrials 5,124 years ago. All calenders restart on 21 December 2012 with the Golden Age. That means the end of duality. The end of badness, leaving only goodness.

The four previous cycles of 5,125 years each ended with the total destruction of life. This time round, we are assured by the Galactic Federation, that the transition into the Golden Age will be smooth, namely that the human form will be able to meet its Divine form from whence it arose, face to face. Presently we meet our Higher Selves in our sleep. We will be able to see our angelic soul in the form od a shiny bright ball of light, similar to a UFO!!

The end of the world as we know it is no bad thing. The start of a reality which we only dreamed about is the best part of that end.

Submitted by:Ved parkash
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