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Inmates in Solitary Confinement find they can restore their self -respect!

Added: (Thu May 04 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The following are program testaments from two longterm inmates at Corcoran State Prison, California.

Each of these students is housed in the Secure Housing Unit. They are in their cells, often alone, for at least 23 hours a day. One of these students has been housed alone in secure housing for 22 years.

The other student has been in secure housing for 8 years and is due to be released within the next 6 weeks, straight from a solitary environment onto the streets.

These students were previously leaders in prison gangs and have had considerable influence in the gang areas.

Each now wants to do what they can to keep others, including encouraging youngsters away from gangs.

These students are from different race groups and different backgrounds. Each has now encouraged other inmates in Secure Housing about the program, and these inmates have now started the program.

The following is what they have to say about the Criminon program.

“You (Criminon) provide a vital service that can not be stagnated. Criminon has taught me to have patience and to refocus all my past activities towards matters of progression. I’ve also attained mental stimulation from the wisdom of Criminon, which helps me to relax and focus.

Take care my friends and never grow tired of what you do- the world needs your wisdom.

I hope you will teach me all you know regarding the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard so I can help others. Each one teach one (smile).

“Criminon has bestowed upon me a state of Nirvana which has allowed me to accept things for which I have no control over and all of the precepts attained have placed my feet on a new path of love, hope and righteousness. All due to the help and guidance of my instructor- I’ve regained my humanity back from the forces of evil”

Corcoran state Prison
Secure Housing Unit
May 06

“ I think I learned the most valuable part of my life, and how to be tolerant to others and learn how to help others as well as myself be a better person and all be happier within ourselves.

It’s hard to become a better person or even want to become a better person while in prison, mostly in the SHU (Secure Housing Unit) because everyone around you is being mean and nasty to each other and will look at you as a weak person for trying to better yourself. I just had to rise above it and pay them no attention.

I’m not a small guy and I’ve been around a long time so it was not so hard on me. But for some who don’t have that history and respect, I’d say to them. Just look in your own HEART and want to change for you and for your loved ones. ‘Words can’t hurt you’ and the Way to Happiness will help you 110%.

Corcoran State Prison
Secure Housing Unit
May 06

Submitted by:Greg Capazorio
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