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DNA Print-Kit Invisible Protection for your Property

Added: (Mon Nov 14 2005)

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WHAT is the DNA Print-Kit?

Invisible Protection for your valuables.

EASY to Use:

With the mere touch of a thumb, items are marked with DNA Print-Kit’s unique DNA ink, which is only visible under UV light. You can apply DNA Print-Kitä markings to most solid surfaces without fear of damage. The DNA Print-Kitä invisible ink contains NO Toxins or Dyes that can cause Health Problems or Material Damage.

HOW will it benefit you?

Undisputable proof of ownership, accepted by the Court of Justice worldwide.
Many people have installed expensive security and alarm systems in their homes and office in case they are burglarized.
Since we are living in a society where theft (Identity Theft etc…) and burglary is getting more popular by the day WHY not take some extra steps to prepare ourselves and be PRO-ACTIVE to those events.

Several years ago municipal police departments were lending out engravers as an anti theft campaign to engrave your initials onto your belongings and property. Great idea but…..., You always had the markings visible and you DO NOT want markings all over your valuables.
With the DNA Print-Kitä you are able to mark every item in your home or office with either your OWN fingerprint, signature, code or telephone number and it will NOT be visible to the naked eye unless you are exposing it to UV light.
Imagine the peace of mind you have knowing all of your possessions are marked and protected by the DNA Print-Kitä.

After you have marked your objects you have the inventory ledger where you write down what you have marked, where and with a thumbprint or signature. In the event you have a break in you have now a detailed list with all your valuables on it so you can provide the list to the police and insurance company.

Protect Your…

Electronics, Cameras, Collectibles, Antiques, Paintings, Computers, Books, Artwork, Documents, Furniture, Vehicles, and More.

V.I.P. PROTECTION does not only provide you with the DNA Print –Kitä but we also offer a very unique service to you. If you want us to come into your house and help you determine what YOU should mark how to mark it and how YOU should protect the inventory ledger we gladly assist YOU.

The DNA Print-Kit is EASY – SAFE – SECURE.

WHO is interested on featuring the DNA Print-Kit?

Ongoing Negotiations with:

· Spy Museum
· Office Max
· Best Buy
· Sharper Image
· Circuit City
· Canadian Tire
· Future Shop
· Costco
· Incredible Discovery

Another very important and interesting fact of the DNA Print-Kitä is, that the new version will be manufactured in Canada, which we are very proud of, not to forget the DNA ink is already manufactured in Canada.

WHO has and is using the DNA Print-Kitä so far?

· FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
· United States Secret Service
· University / College Police
· Private Security Companies
· Thomas Kinkaid
· Joe Barbara
· Mohammad Ali
· Mark McGuire

Success Stories:

Governmental, Security Community: Stride, Print Secure and V.I.P. PROTECTION are working in conjunction to find the best people in the federal law enforcement community to market the kit as a tool for covert “sting” operations. We already have several FBI agents using the kit for investigative/asset tracking purposes. In fact, one highly ranked FBI agent recently called to let us know that he has been promoting the Kit during speaking engagements at public events. While this will not generate large sales, more importantly it will add very important credibility to a post 9-11 society.

Recently we were informed that the Kit was used in a sting operation that resulted in the recovery of some $60,000 worth of corporate equipment and an arrest – convincing proof of the Kit’s value as an asset tracking tool to the security professionals using the Kit.

You can have your own DNA build into the DNA inkpad and pen.

Submitted by:Marc Sand, B.A., PhD., CEPS, CAS
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