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Revolutionary microtia reconstruction

Added: (Sun Nov 27 2011)

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November 26, 2011 - The International Center for Atresia and Microtia Reconstruction at the California Ear Institute is the global center for atresia repair which revolutionized the concept of combining atresia andmicrotia reconstruction into a single surgical which can be done at the age of 3

Microtia and aural atresia represent two congenital conditions which most often manifest in conjunction with one another. They appear when the ear canal and outer ear do not develop normally and can affect either one or both ears. A hearing test is very important for a child with this condition and it must be done as early as possible in infancy. Almost always, this test will reveal a “maximum conductive hearing loss” of about 60 decibels for the affected ear(s). Moreover, for a child with atresia and microtia, hearing amplification is essential to guarantee normal language development and to give children the best opportunity to hear in stereo to localize the direction of sound.

Various surgical procedures which require many stages are available to correct atresia and microtia, but most of them cannot begin until the age of 6, and the hearing results are not obtainable for another twelve to eighteen months. For the many children with syndromes associated with atresia and microtia, the many ear surgeries must also accompany surgeries for jaw malformations, cleft lips and palates, kidney issues, heart defects, and other craniofacial issues.

The International Center for Atresia and Microtia Reconstruction at the California Ear Institute boasts with two reputable doctors, Dr. Joseph Roberson and Dr. John Reinisch, who have developed a new procedure called the Combined Atresia/Microtia reconstruction surgery, also known as the CAM. These two surgeons have virtually revolutionized the world of atresia and microtia reconstruction surgery by performing the two surgeries at the same time, and have now successfully executed over a hundred CAM surgeries on children worldwide, creating functional ear canals, crafting natural looking outer ears, and restoring hearing within the normal limits. Previously, it took up to five surgical procedures to achieve these results and the children had to wait until they were at least 7 years old in order to complete these operations. But due to the expertise of Drs. Roberson and Reinisch, children who are as young as 3 years old can undergo a single CAM surgery, which will create a natural looking ear, and provide the chance for a better hearing and thus for a better living, before they are young enough to start preschool.

About California Ear Institute

California Ear Institute was founded in 1968 in Palo Alto California and it is the most prominent global center which operates in the field of ear surgery. The International Center for Atresia and Microtia Reconstruction at CEI was opened in 2007. The Center provides a variety of services designed to provide a better hearing for children and adults from every corner of the world. Its general fields of operations is represented by atresia repair surgery, canalplasty surgery, microtia reconstruction surgery, BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid), Sophono hearing devices, BCHA (bone conduction hearing aid), Vibrant Sound Bridge (VSB) and combined atresia microtia (CAM) reconstruction surgery. The Center can also restore hearing for children who have undergone either rib graft or Medpor outer ear reconstruction surgery at other surgery centers.

Drs. Roberson and Reinisch are widely recognized for the success of their surgical procedures and the fact that they are the inventors of CAM, Combined Atresia/Microtia reconstruction surgery which has restored the hearing of over 100 children. As the inventors of this procedure, they are the most experienced surgeons in the world, and have performed more CAM procedures then the rest of the surgeons in the United States, combined. Drs. Roberson and Reinisch offer a customized approach for each patient, and thus they are able to provide the most appropriate, tailored solution for every family. At The International Center for Atresia and Microtia Reconstruction at CEI, the medical staff is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of hearing conditions in infants and children, having a family-centered approach and helping the entire family to overcome this difficult period.

For more information about the services of the company please visit http://www.atresiarepair.com

Contact Details:

California Ear Institute

International Center for Atresia and Microtia Reconstruction

1900 University Avenue, Suite 101

East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone no: 650 462-3123

Email address: sbyrne@calear.com

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