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Reflexology - The Natural Way to Help your Migraine

Added: (Thu Sep 01 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 3-11 September is Migraine Awareness Week, and if you’re one of the thousands of women who suffer from the misery of migraine each month, you may like to try a natural method of relief – Reflexology.

It is thought that around two thirds of all migraine sufferers are women and the cause can be related to the hormonal changes that occur within the body, associated with the menstrual cycle. In fact, many young women suffer their first migraine around the time that their period begins and the condition will continue to flare up every month, just before or just after menstruation.

Often drugs, containing artificial hormones, are prescribed to help treat the migraine, but with all the side effects and controversy associated with such chemicals, many women choose to suffer in silence rather than take such medication. However, help may be at hand, or even foot!

Reflexology has been known to be very effective in the treatment of migraine and its associated symptoms. A Reflexologist uses a special thumb and finger-walking technique to apply pressure to reflex points on the hands or feet, which encourages the body to heal itself naturally, rebalancing any organs or glands that are malfunctioning.

Jennie Levick, National Director of the International Institute of Reflexology claims: “Reflexology is an extremely relaxing treatment that can be used for all sorts of womens’ health problems including migraine, menstrual pain, endometriosis, fibroids, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility and also the menopause. If hormone levels within the body are out of balance, it can trigger many distressing symptoms. Reflexology will work to optimise each of the endocrine glands which control the release of hormones in the body and an experienced Practitioner can achieve amazing results, often totally eradicating problems that women have put up with for years.”

Why not book an appointment with your local Reflexologist before your next migraine comes along and see if this natural therapy could be the answer to your monthly misery?

For more information about Reflexology, or to find a practitioner in your area, telephone 01142 812100 or visit www.reflexology-uk.net

Submitted by:Julie Parkes
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