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ROHO Wheelchair Cushions Prevent Pressure Sores

Added: (Mon Oct 18 2010)

Pressbox (Press Release) - There are thousands of cushions out there for various applications- eggshell, convoluted foam, gel padded- though none of these have ever competed equally on all levels with the ROHO air cushion.

Air is the best pressure alleviator on the market: it reduces pressure at an unsurpassable level, as a filling it is both easy and convenient to adjust and it makes for an incredibly light product. This last factor is important because weight is one of the reasons that water is not used on a major scale for pressure care in general. The ROHO is hence referred to as ‘dry floatation’ and allows the user to sit thereon for potentially hours at a time without harm.

Cushions are extremely important tools in the battle against pressure sores. These wounds- also called bedsores or pressure ulcers- are legions that form due to a number of factors, some of which being temperature, humidity, sheer forces (dragging across a surface) and unrelieved pressure. A person’s susceptibility to these sores can differ depending on these factors thus tests and surveys can be performed to assess an individual’s needs in relation to pressure care, for example the Waterlow, Braden or Norton scales. Once somebody is afflicted by these sores they are graded from Stage 1 though to Stage 4 on a severity scale- the initial stage generally presents as a rash, the final and deepest can affect as far down as bone, muscle and tendon. ROHO cushions have become the industry standard- and the final authority in the world of pressure sore prevention- due to its ability to handle most of the factors involved with these ulcers. The cushions ability to relieve pressure is simply the beginning- due to its design the ROHO also promotes air circulation and breathing (reducing humidity and heat), is easy to keep clean and combats friction and sheering\tearing.

There are obviously a number of different models and designs available for different needs. ROHO make cushions suitable for low-to-medium level care (the Harmony, Mosaic, LTV Seat) which are often used by many people on office chairs through to wheelchairs making a wide range of seats more comfortable. This range of cushions isn’t necessary exclusively used by those with a disability- everybody (especially those who spend 3+ hours at a time in a chair) can benefit from these types of cushion. Beyond these are the medium-to-high level cushions designed primarily for those who are wheelchair (or bed) bound, or who might have a spinal problem, such as the Quadtro, Contour, Low and High Profile cushions. These cushions provide unparalleled levels of support and comfort whilst also removing the risk of pressure ulcers. Various sizes are available pre-made with custom products available if required. There are also complete ROHO overlays which can be used on top of existing mattresses to reduce the likeliness of bedsores if the patient is confined to their bed.

The Mobility Shop is an official supplier of the ROHO range of cushions and products. They retail the entire selection in a multitude of sizes ranging from standard wheelchair through to bariatric seating options. If you or a loved one has suffered from skin ulcers in the past it is recommended that you speak to an Occupational Therapist and obtain some advice on the type of cushion that relates specifically to your needs. Alternatively you can contact Ryan Besso, the General Manager of Mobility Shop, at sales@mobilityshop.com.au and he can provide some literature regarding the options available to you. Being an authorised distributor for the ROHO range of products the Mobility Shop also has access to other items that are ‘by order only’- such as mattress overlays and other high-risk\low-order options. Visit the Mobility Shop suppliers online at www.mobilityshop.com.au/suppliers/roho, or at Unit 1 \ 340 Pennant Hills road, Pennant Hills and see the range of answers pertaining to pressure care. Alternatively you can call one of their knowledgeable staff members on 1300 133 505 business hours and ask how a ROHO pressure cushion could potentially save your life!

Submitted by:Ryan Besso
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