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Nubax At-Home Traction Device - Available at badbackstore.com

Added: (Wed Jul 15 2009)

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- Clinic-quality traction at home
- Affordable, portable and compact
- $399

Nubax Trio™ is a new, portable, convenient and easy-to-use traction device, designed for therapeutic relief of back pain and stiffness. FDA registered and patent protected, it allows users to avail themselves of clinic-quality treatment, safely and easily at home; whenever and wherever they need it.

With around 80% of the population experiencing back pain at one stage or another, more and more Americans are seeking affordable, at home solutions to help them manage this potentially debilitating ailment.

Relying on the well-proven theory of spinal decompression, the Nubax technology was developed in Australia during the late 1990s and was also the subject of a successful set of clinical trials completed at the University of Western Australia.

The Nubax Trio is one of Australia's most popular traction devices, with thousands of health professionals, elite athletes and people from all walks of life, incorporating use of this device into their daily routine.

How it Works:

The Nubax operates on a very simple principal of leverage. By kneeling in the device and leaning forward, the trunk of your body becomes suspended over a common pivot point, whilst being held at either end of your back, hip and shoulders, a strong tensile traction is created along your spine as gravity forces each end to move apart around the pivot point.

- No hanging upside down. There is none of the added discomfort common in inversion therapy (blood pressure fluctuations, knee and ankle pressure, acid reflux etc).
- Drug-free - completely natural therapy.
- Improves mobility and flexibility.
- Maintenance - excellent maintenance for the back and spine, helps prevent the re-occurrence problems.
- Preventative - used regularly as part of an exercise program helps prevent re-occurrence problems.
- There is no pressure placed on ankles or knees.
- The Nubax Trio holds the spine in a completely neutral position. The shoulders and the hips are held square to the spine so that the traction is safely applied without the risk of additional injury.
- Nubax Trio can be used anywhere, anytime.
- Economic - there are no ongoing costs.


- Portable - it is lightweight and easy to carry.
- Compact - easy to store or just leave it out.
- Convenient - no long exercise programs, just 2 to 3 minutes, twice a day.
- Simple - Easy and user friendly. Can also be used without supervision.
- Control - you are in complete control, regulating the amount of stretch or instantly release it as you want.
- Versatile - the Nubax™ is designed to accommodate a large variation in body shapes.
- One year warranty.
- Weight limit 330lbs.
- Includes an instructional DVD.
- FDA Registered (#3007584710) and patent protected (US patent 5,637,079).

Clinical Results:

The clinical trials consisted of three groups of participants; all sufferers of chronic lower back pain. All three groups received the same physiotherapy treatment over the six week trial period. The second and third groups however, incorporated use of the Nubax™ Trio and a sham (placebo) unit for three weeks before swapping for the second phase of the trial. Quality of life, as well as pain stiffness and physical function were measured using specialized questionnaires.

The results showed that participants that used the Nubax™ Trio after using the placebo or sham unit, showed significant improvement in the second three-week period, whilst the condition of the participants who used the Nubax™ Trio in the first three weeks deteriorated after commencing use of the placebo. Trial participants that used the Nubax™ Trio also showed a higher level of improvement than those who were only subjected to the core physiotherapy treatment.

Recent Testimonials:

"I bought the Nubax because my back pain was not getting any better… The product is fantastic... Absolutely great, the best thing I have ever bought. IT WORKS FOR ME." - P. Robinson, Queensland, Australia
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