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New way to Treat Hemroids

Added: (Sat Nov 15 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - About half of the people over 50 seek new ways to treat hemroids (usually spelled hemorrhoids). Many of these people have suffered in silence. However, a new way to deal with this baby boomer epidemic has been introduced.

For a long time, people relied on a variety of traditional treatments to cure external or internal hemroids condition. Either that or they just suffered in silence in hopes that a new solution would some day be available.

Usually medicated creams or a variety of other solutions such as which hazel wipes have been used to sooth this condition. If the bleeding internal or external hemroids enlarge and worsen in severity, then patients may need surgery and/or medical prescription.

However, research clearly dictates the importance of treating hemroids as soon as possible. Therefore, some people decide not to wait the time it takes to see a doctor. They would rather take action as soon as possible, so they do.

This is made possible as a result of the newer solutions used to treat hemroids, which are now available. For instance, many people have begun to use products such as Venapro for hemroid pain relief, Avatrol treatment, and Zenmed ziro cream. The active ingredient in Venapro is horse chestnut, and in Avatrol they are Cascara Sagrada, Bilberry and Butchers Broom.

Zenmed is much like some of the other traditional home products, since it contains witch hazel. However, the other two active ingredients in it are Yarrow and Balm Mint. Therefore, people have tried it and have found it to be more effective than other leading brands for bleeding hemroids.

The fact that these products worked so well in many cases was a surprise to many users, though. Many of them were very reluctant to try these topical creams at first. However, they did like the fact that they could be applied right at home with no doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, they read positive reviews about them.

That alone has increased the possibility of total cure while they treat hemroids right in the privacy of their own homes. Immediate treatment is one of the most important factors in prevention of severe pain, continual itching, and possibility of surgical removal.

Submitted by:Marc Spencer
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