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Pressbox (Press Release) - NHS Exposed returns to the internet after twelve months off line.

After much deliberation and many encouraging emails, we have decided to revive this site after a year offline.

For the record, we do not degrade the excellent work done by the many good doctors and staff of the NHS. Rather, our aim is to expose those who breach the rights of individuals, protecting the individual with the power of publicity. By raising awareness and maintaining Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998, the right to freedom of expression, we hope to improve the NHS in whatever small way we can.

We are aware that many patients and their relatives suffer injustice at the hands of the NHS. However, we are equally aware that a large number of doctors and other staff members suffer a similar fate. Honest, hard working employees who have the temerity to voice concerns about the health service quickly find themselves at the mercy of the managers and bureaucrats whose function it is to protect the reputation of the NHS. Whether complaints come from staff or patients is immaterial to them; their objective is to fob off, intimidate or discredit those who would complain. Rules, regulations and protocols set by higher institutions are frequently flouted in favour of character assassination and spin. Indeed, the ones doing the flouting are often those same higher institutions!

Unfortunately for them NHS Exposed is not easily intimidated. We aim to highlight, through publication, the plight of both patients and NHS staff. Our material is sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, but our intention is always to obtain justice and fair treatment for those abused by the NHS. Our methods are unconventional and, sometimes, controversial, but they are undeniably effective. The covert tactics employed to silence or sabotage complaints do not fair well when exposed to public scrutiny. Certainly those who use such tactics do not react well to their publication, if the number of letters and emails we have received threatening legal action is anything to judge by. Yet, when encouraged to carry out their threats, their blustering protests cease. We cannot imagine why!

In any event, we hope that our web site will continue to be a source of information, encouragement and support for those at odds with the NHS. We encourage our visitors to tell us about their experiences. By publishing their story here they not only expose the wrongs inflicted upon them, but also help others who find themselves in a similar predicament.

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