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Moby Dick health secret now available in UK

Added: (Wed Aug 24 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Thanks to a chance discovery, marine phytoplankton - the food source of the ocean’s most powerful mammals - is now available as a human health food in the UK.

This remarkable story begins when Tom Harper, an American sea farmer who came close to death with a rare form of cancer, decided to eat the phytoplankton he grew for his ocean dwelling livestock, shocking medics when they recently gave him the ‘all clear’.

Having fallen ill, Mr Harper took half a teaspoon of phytoplankton paste daily and soon noticed some relief with his pain. Then surgeons hoping to prolong Tom’s life with a specialised procedure found an unusual development - his numerous tumours were benign.

Understandably, news of Tom’s miraculous recovery spread rapidly around the world and as daughter Tiffany reports: “We’ve had calls from all over the States, Asia and the UK. This is a product that is in huge demand from people within the medical system, holistic healing and people who are taking a stand around their health.”

Phytoplankton is a staple foodstuff for whales who can live for well over 100 years. The plankton eating Whale Shark for example can reach 150 years, growing up to 14 metres long, weighing around 15 tons and remaining sexually active until it dies. Thanks to Tom and his remarkable discovery, the nutritional secret of these mammals is now available on shore.

A far cry from Tom’s original paste however, which specialist Rowan Haigh describes as “a quick and easy way to extract all the nutrients”, the phytoplankton is now available in the UK in a liquid supplement called OceanFarmaSea manufactured by US firm ForeverGreen.

Tom Harper wholeheartedly believes that the phytoplankton is behind his amazing recovery as well as weight loss and a lowering of blood sugar levels. “In six months, I no longer required insulin and can now eat just about what I want. I feel fabulous.” Says Tom.

Attempting to unravel this health phenomenon, Dr Bob Rowe thinks that phytoplankton is able to affect health at the deepest cellular level in the body by influencing the transmission of nutrition and regulating blood sugar levels. He came across phytoplankton when one of his clients managed to heal a seemingly incurable case of dandruff in days.

“It makes sense that having depleted the quality of our soils with intensive farming, we are now turning our attention to the oceans.” Says Carl Munson, a natural health practitioner and phytoplankton fan. “I’ve been waiting for a super food like this, which contains some of the finest health-enhancing ingredients known to man such as aloe vera, noni juice and mangosteen. It also features the added benefits of frankincense and the powerful sea algae Astaxanthin.”

“It’s such a valuable contribution to all-round good health and I am reassured to know that Tom’s production process actually causes a net increase in the phytoplankton population, rather than depleting it.” Adds Carl.

Jacques Cousteau, the intrepid undersea explorer once said “the future of nutrition is found in the ocean”. It seems he was absolutely right.


Tom Harper’s story can be viewed on-line at: http://www.whyplankton.com/AnotherDay.html

More about phytoplankton at: http://www.whyplankton.com/

OceanFarmaSea is available from Natural Way on 0800 695 5295 or www.vitalshop.co.uk

Submitted by:carl munson
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