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Lumie Bodyclocks Lightboxes and Light Visors

Added: (Thu Oct 21 2004)

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If you’re still wondering whether light therapy is for you, here’s what some of our customers say about it. Please email us if you have comments, we’re always happy to hear from you.

Light therapy is effective in treating SAD in over 85% of cases, so these sort of comments are not out of the ordinary. Ask about our Home Trial System, if you would like to try light therapy without taking a big financial risk.

Lightboxes and Light Visors

“Very, very pleased to find a cure. I think all my friends should have one! Winter was miserable before and I was ill for most of January, February, March…” - BJ, Norwich

“I swear I felt better, more positive and more energetic from the very first time I used it! After a month, I am consistently more cheerful and have higher levels of energy than I can recall ever having in the grey days of January. I am absolutely delighted.” - EB, by email

“It has revolutionised my partner’s life – instead of being depressed and irritable, he is now back to normal.” - MV, by email

“I think a lightbox is invaluable, and that many people who don’t have full-blown SAD would benefit from using one, just as a boost to get through winter.” - PP, Oxfordshire

“It has really changed my life – I can now cope with cold, grey winter days. I am so much happier – thank you!” - TS, Oxon

“I can’t tell you what a turn around my life has taken from about day 10 of using light therapy.” - WJ, Sussex

“The lightbox has been remarkable and with the Bodyclock I might even seem like a normal person through next winter.” - MT, Essex

“Felt like I was on a beach, it made me feel that good.” - GP, by email

“I’m so pleased with it and I’m very confident this is going to make a big difference to my health this winter.” - TD, Sussex

“I was seriously incapacitated before I began to use it and within a month I was feeling so much better.” - LE, Gloucs

“Having received one of your lightboxes, I can honestly say it has been a life-changing investment.” - MM, Cornwall


Ed Coode, one of the 4 Olympic rowing gold medal winners who had used the Bodyclocks during the build-up to the Games said: ‘All the boys loved the Lumie Bodyclocks. As the race got nearer we were having to get up earlier and, as it doesn’t get light here [in Athens] until 6.30am, it was brilliant to be woken by sunlight at 4.45am! The clocks woke us up on the day of the final.’

Asked if they made a difference to going to sleep and getting up on the early training mornings Ed replied: ‘The Lumie Bodyclocks were brilliant, we loved the sunset feature, which let us drift off to sleep, and were then woken very effectively by the sunrise in the morning, they definitely made a difference. They actually worked a lot better than I ever thought they would!’

“ I absolutely love my Bodyclock! A much nicer, gentler way to wake up than to an annoying alarm.” - NC

“This has made an amazing difference to waking up, it’s the best clock I’ve ever had. I love it!” - RS

“The product is fantastic and has saved my bacon on many a morning!” - CF, by email

“ It was the best investment I have ever made. The difference it made to my life is amazing.” - ES, by email

I am delighted with [my Bodyclock] and not dreading the winter quite so much. - CO, Luton

“This has made an amazing difference to waking up – it’s the best clock I’ve ever had. I work shifts so it’s lovely to wake up to a sunny room.” - RS, Bath

“It improves my mood in the mornings quite dramatically!” - BR, Durham

“I am a SAD sufferer and your wonderful dawn simulator has given me back my January and February (it was a Christmas present!).” - GJ, by email

Living is Easy Customer Service

“Excellent service and good to see from an online company.” - BR, by email

“I found your website very easy to navigate and very informative.” - BK, Devon

“Your customer service is brilliant.” - SP, by email

“Just to say what an excellent site.” - GJ, by email

“I was so pleased with your customer care and would recommend you to anyone.” - DA, Powys

“We are delighted not only with the product but with the quality of service that we have experienced.” - RA, by email

“Great service all round.” - CG, by email

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