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Foods to Eat When Wanting to Have a Baby Girl

Added: (Sat Dec 13 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Fl,USA,December 13,2008............Recently, there's been a lot of press about what a woman eats and the gender or sex of the baby she ultimately conceives. A recent study indicated that women who eat breakfast and consume more daily calories (about 2200) are more likely to conceive baby boys, while women who skipped breakfast and consumed less calories throughout the day were more likely to have a girl baby.

Although these studies were important in showing that there is a definite correlation that the foods you eat effect your baby's gender, this is really only the tip of the iceberg. There are many variables in choosing the foods that help you have a baby girl. This article will discuss which foods to eat and which foods to avoid - and why this method works in the first place.

Why Foods Affect Your Conceiving A Girl: You may already know this, but when you want to conceive a daughter, the foods you eat can greatly affect your vaginal acidity and PH. Why is this important? Because the sperm which produces a baby boy is much weaker and shorter lived than the sperm that produces a girl. This is why you should conceive well before ovulation, so that you are giving the boy sperm a long time to wait, and you are ensuring that they have died off by the time you are most fertile and can easily get pregnant.

But, another effective way to complete this process is by making your vaginal PH a very high number. Boy sperm are going to be greatly compromised in an acidic environment. So, just skipping breakfast is not enough to really do the trick. You'll also need to eat a diet high in acidic foods and very low (or devoid of) alkaline foods.

Consuming Calcium And Magnesium And Avoiding Potassium Foods When Trying To Have A Girl: Old wives tales will tell you that, to get a daughter, you should load up your diet with foods that are high in calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt) and magnesium (beans, legumes, leafy green foods) while you avoid foods that are high in potassium ( bananas, etc.) It is also said that you should avoid alcohol and caffeine (coffee AND chocolate). There is somewhat of a scientific base to this advice, but again, this is only one piece of the puzzle, which leads me to my next point.

Examples Of Acidic Foods. (The Foods That Will Help You Conceive A Girl): If you really want a female baby, you'll need to go on a high PH diet and avoid the foods that can make your system more alkaline. Examples of highly acidic foods (which you will need to eat a lot of) are many fruits (plums, prunes, cranberries) as well as meats, corn, fish and whole grains. When you are on an acidic diet, it will feel very restrictive. It can be a bit difficult, but just keep thinking about your daughter and know that it will be worth it.

Examples Of Alkaline Foods (You Must Avoid And Steer Clear Of These): Consuming high acid foods is not going to do you any good if you counteract all of your hard work by eating alkaline foods. You must avoid these. Examples are almost all vegetables (except corn, as noted above), orange juice (remember to take folic acid supplements to replace this), potatoes, spinach, and watermelon.

Another Important Step: Changing your diet can be an effective way to get the right body chemistry to have a girl, but there is a faster way. You can combine douching with your diet changes. I know douching can seem old fashioned, but you'll only be doing it for a short period of time and it makes the process happen much more quickly.

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