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Escorpion Azul, S.A. of Panama joins forces with Labiofam of Cuba

Added: (Thu Mar 02 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Escorpion Azul, S.A., a Panamanian Corporation has opened a clinic in Panama City and joined forces with Labiofam, the largest state run pharmaceutical laboratory in Cuba for the development of the cancer treatment known as Escozul.

While Escozul was first developed in Cuba in the early 1980’s by biologist Misael Bordier from Guantanamo, it remains under intense study. The popularity of Escozul as an alternative “medicine” in the treatment of a variety of cancers has grown to epic proportions as cancer patients and family members worldwide have sought out this potential “miracle” cure. Escozul extract is obtained from a species of blue scorpion known as Rhopalurus junceus. It is normally diluted with purified water before being administered.

Cuba, which is held in high regard for its medical achievements does not endorse Escozul and provides no legal recognition for its use. Studies of patients using Escozul (to date more than 70,000 have been known to have used Escozul) have had mixed results, but many have been shown great promise and hope for the future. Until recently the manufacture of Escozul has not been under laboratory controlled conditions in Cuba. By partnering with Escorpion Azul, S.A. Labiofam has support from outside of Cuba to help supply necessary laboratory equipment and products needed for safe and carefully controlled manufacture of this potential “miracle” medicine.

Much work needs to be done in the development, testing, and documentation of Escozul. Nevertheless, Cuba has been offering Escozul treatments without medical claim and basically for a nominal contribution and will continue to do so for the near future. It is, of course, illegal for the ordinary US citizen to travel to Cuba, even to receive medical treatments. Escorpion Azul, S.A. has invested in the ongoing work of Labiofam and has opened a clinic in Panama City for treatment of cancer patients who want to use Escozul. Since Panama is easily accessible to US citizens, as well as other international patients the Escorpion Azul clinic becomes a viable alternative to traveling to Cuba. Escorpion Azul, S.A. can also safely ship Escozul by courier service anywhere in the world.

Escorpion Azul maintains an informational website http://www.escorpionazul.com and potential patients can fill out an online questionnaire. Ruben D. Tribaldos, General Manager of Escorpion Azul, S.A. states that “Escozul may be the last hope for many cancer patients and, if taken early enough in the development of the disease, it might very well provide a miracle cure. Thousands of cancer patients from around the world credit Escozul for giving them longer and more productive lives.”

Contact: Ruben D. Tribaldos, General Manager
Telephone: +507 6677 0161
Email: admin@escorpionazul.com


Submitted by:Ruben D. Tribaldos
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