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E-Hemorrhoids.com Provides an Overview of Hemorrhoids

Added: (Mon Aug 22 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - According to E-Hemorrhoids.com, hemorrhoids are certainly not the most pleasant of topics, but they are a necessary one and a common reality every year for millions of Americans, mostly men and pregnant women. The painful, itching sensation in the rectum causes concern in many but rarely poses a serious problem. However, if the symptoms are ignored, if the underlying causes are not properly diagnosed and treated, the merely irritating condition can worsen.

Hemorrhoids affect nearly every man, woman and child at some time in their life. They can develop at any age, depending on an individualís circumstances and underlying causes, but the probability of experiencing them increases greatly after age thirty. It has been estimated that 50% of people older than 50 have experienced hemorrhoids at least once in their lives, however, since most cases go unnoticed and unreported or treated homeopathically, it can be safely assumed that the percentage is much higher. In most cases hemorrhoids are minor, can be safely treated at home with a variety of over the counter medicines and are never reported to doctors unless they worsen or reoccur.

E-Hemorrhoids.com also reassures us that hemorrhoids are not only common, but irritating and (in most cases if treated properly), not life threatening. Simple, over the counter remedies, lifestyle changes, improved bowel habits and diet awareness usually handles most cases successfully. Beyond that, uncomfortable but non-surgical office procedures will treat most of the more stubborn cases. And finally, there is always the surgical alternative which has proven almost 100% successful in ending even the most difficult situations. If you feel you have hemorrhoids, please seek a medical opinion. If you are not able to see a doctor, try the readily available treatments and see if the problem goes away.

Hemorrhoids provides detailed information about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of internal, external, and bleedings hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is the sister site of Warts Web.

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