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Different Benefits of Using EHR Sytems in Medical Services

Added: (Tue Oct 25 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - What is EHR software? EHR, or Electronic Health Record, is a form of electronic record used to store, retrieve, as well as modify a patientís medical record in digitized form, allowing medical experts and healthcare workers to easily and conveniently access a patientís record when needed. However, there are also other advantages to the use of EHR systems.

Advantages of EHR Systems
One advantage that made this technology an important part in healthcare services is that this system can create a complete record of patient encounters that allows the automation and streamlining of the workflow in health care settings and increases safety through evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting.

In addition to that, there are other reasons why ehr software can be a very useful technology in healthcare services. Here are some of those:

For large healthcare institutions, the benefit of using EHR systems is that it allows them to save more on using storage facilities to store all their patientís medical records. It is a standard in the US that healthcare institutions should store all their patientís medical records for 7 years. Larger healthcare institutions may have to rent or buy a storage space in-order to store all their medical records, which can become expensive in the long run.

Using electronic medical records, on the other hand, produces digitized records which can be stored in a digital storage which can also be easily stored within the institutionís premises.

Improved Healthcare Service
Another reason why EHR systems are important is because of its improved healthcare services due to its own decision support system. Fast access to medical literature and current best practices in medicine are hypothesised to enable proliferation of ongoing improvements in healthcare efficacy.

Also, improved usage of EHR is achieved if the presentation on screen or on paper is not just longitudinal, but hierarchically ordered and layered.

Easy Transfer of Medical/Health Records
Another major advantage of using EHR systems is that it has the capability of being shared across different health care settings, by being embedded in network-connected enterprise-wide information systems. This allows for easier and faster transfer of a patientís medical record from one healthcare institution into the other, without having to go through the usual method of hiring a courier service to deliver a pediatric emr from one region to the other, or one country into the other.

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