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Dieting Advice For Tinnitus Sufferers

Added: (Sun Aug 03 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Fl, USA, August 3,2008.........Have you ever noticed that some days your tinnitus seems to worsen for no reason? Did you pause to think about what you ate recently? Study shows when you have a salty meal your tinnitus gets worse for several hours. The next day it will improve, provided you havenít taken more excess salt.

Maintaining a very good diet is critical in the management and lowering of tinnitus sounds. Many foods affect tinnitus, both positively and negatively, and it is important to understand which foods to avoid and which ones to consume.

People who suffer from tinnitus should reduce or eliminate consumption of fast foods and pre-packaged or processed foods. This is due to the addition of large amounts of salt, saturated fats, flavor enhancers and other chemicals meant to prolong shelf-life or enhance the flavor and appearance of the products. These chemicals are not food and have many undesirable side-effects. For the most part they will negatively affect tinnitus and make it louder.

So how do we change our diet to a healthier regimen? One bite at a time. Becoming aware of what you eat is the first step to making better choices. The following are not absolute dietary rules but guidelines to understanding how diet affects tinnitus. No one, least of all me, consumes a perfectly healthy diet. However, being aware of these guidelines and incorporating them into our diet will improve overall health and reduce tinnitus.

Generally speaking, anything that improves health also improves tinnitus. People with high blood pressure will improve after the pressure is lowered, people with high cholesterol will have improvement when it comes under control. Very typically, people who are overweight will have improvement after the extra pounds are shed.

Salt has an immediate effect on tinnitus and always makes it worse. Excess salt restricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure and reduces blood flow into the ears, eyes and brain. Increased blood pressure is directly linked to increased tinnitus.

Sugar metabolism has an important role to play in the proper functioning of the auditory system. The brain and auditory system have no inherent food supply. They are completely dependent on the regular delivery of oxygen and glucose (sugar) from the blood supply. When this supply of nutrients is disturbed or interrupted, imbalance and damage can occur.

Flavor Enhancers
Most processed, pre-packaged foods contain flavor enhancers that make the food taste better. The primary flavor enhancer used by the food industry is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG breaks down to Glutamate in the body. Glutamate, like Aspartame, is an excitatory neuro-transmitter that triggers neurons to fire until they become depleted and die. In fact, for many of us, Glutamate is the primary villain causing our tinnitus.

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