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Developing A Deep Voice-Tips To Naturally Develop A Deep Voice

Added: (Wed Nov 19 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Fl,USA,November 19,2008............Developing a deep voice is not something that you can just do. Some people are born with different sized larynxes. A larynx is the vocal chords that you use when speaking, humming, singing or anything else that requires sound to come from you. The vibrations of these vocal chords allows for the sound to appear. If you have longer vocal chords, your voice is naturally deeper. If you have shorter vocal chords, your voice is naturally higher. You can alter this some and allow for your voice to go deeper and higher by a few different things.

If you build up your diaphragmatic muscles, you will be able to take in deeper, fuller breaths. To do this, I recommend that you inhale and then slowly exhale with an "ss" sound as if you were a snake. You can also pant, but make sure you focus on your diaphragm because this will allow for your muscles to build. If you do not feel any pain there, then you are not doing it correctly. Pain means that your muscles are working and this will allow for them to grow.

Once you have built up your diaphragmatic muscles, you must learn proper posture. Imagine there was a string on the top of your head. Imagine now that there was a person pulling you up. Your head should be above your shoulders, shoulder above hips, hips above your slightly bent knees and knees above your feet. You must be lined up to have proper posture. Your chest should be raised so that you do not interfere with the expanding of your lungs when taking in a deep breath.

Now that you have posture, it's time to make the sound. Stand straight, take in a deep breath and then use that breath to get the sound out. Ensure that your palate is raised and you are open. To do this, inhale and when you feel cold air on the back of your throat, you will know your palate is raised. Once this occurs, let the air out and bring a sound out. You can control this and you will see that with proper breath support, you can do many things when it comes to your voice.

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