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Beating Weight with Diet and Xenical

Added: (Mon Sep 03 2007)

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Many people in today’s world, and especially in America and the UK, are struggling with their weight. From a few extra pounds to morbid obesity, excess fat is a huge problem in our country and in other developed nations. There are many reasons for this, including processed foods, non-active work environments, and an increase in television viewing. Whatever the cause, the real problem with obesity is the fact that it is a dangerous health condition. Obesity leads to other health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, depression, blood pressure problems, and high cholesterol. Being obese affects more than just the way you look. Excess body fat lowers your life expectancy.

Using Weight Loss Drugs

Because weight is such an important, and potentially dangerous, aspect of people’s overall health, doctors are always looking for ways to help encourage their patients to attain and maintain a healthy weight. The best way to lose weight is always through diet and exercise, but some patients find that those tools alone are not enough. As a result, diet pills have hit the market that claim to help melt the pounds off of these patients faster than diet and exercise alone.

The problem with these weight loss drugs is that many patients turn to them instead of changing their lifestyles. Without fixing your diet and increasing the amount you exercise, you will not lose weight, no matter what drugs you take. Prescription drugs are tools that helps make your diet and exercise program more effective. They only work alongside lifestyle changes.

One effective tool that doctors have been prescribing for a while is Xenical. Xenical is unique as a weight loss pill because it does not control your appetite. Rather, Xenical blocks the fat you eat from being absorbed into your body. This leads to increased weight loss while you are dieting and exercising.

How Does Xenical Work?

Most weight loss drugs affect the chemicals in your brain, tricking your body into not eating or feeling full faster. While this can be effective, some doctors and patients have wondered how safe this course of action really is. Xenical,/a> does not affect anything in your brain. Instead, this medication blocks a third of the fat you eat from being digested and stored in your body.

Your digestive system has enzymes called lipases which digest fat. The medication in Xenical attaches itself to some of these lipases and keeps them from doing their job. The fat you are eating cannot be digested, so it is eliminated through your bowel movements. Since your body is absorbing less fat, as well as fewer calories because you are dieting, you will lose more weight.

Is Xenical the Same as Dieting?

Perhaps you are wondering how Xenical is different than simply eliminating fats from your diet on your own. When you try to eliminate all fats from your diet, you will find that it is nearly impossible, and dangerous. Your body needs some healthy fats to function. The problem is that sometimes you eat more than you really need, even while eating a healthy, balanced diet. That is why Xenical blocks only about one-third of the fats you eat. The rest of the fats you need for a healthy body.

How to Take Xenical

One Xenical capsule is taken with each meal that you eat. You can take up to three capsules of Xenical each day. While taking the medication, aim to eat meals that derive no more than 30% of calories from fat. Also, do not cut out any one food group, such as carbohydrates or proteins. Instead, work on eating a balanced diet. If you forget to take Xenical when you begin eating, you can take it during your meal or up to one hour after completing your meal. Otherwise, simply wait until your next meal to begin taking your medication again.

Are There Any Side Effects to Xenical?

All medications have potential side effects, and Xenical is no exception to this. One of the most noticeable, and sometimes embarrassing, side effects to Xenical is the loose bowel movements that it can cause. The fats that the medication blocks become part of the bowel movements, and as a result oily, watery bowel movements are common. Some patients experience gas with an oily discharge as well. Sometimes these symptoms disappear as the patient changes his or her diet. The less fat that the patient eats, the less frequent these symptoms will be.

There are a few people who should not take Xenical. Women who are expecting or nursing a baby should avoid this medication, as it can harm the baby. Also, patients who have problems with food absorption should not take this medication, unless it has been deemed safe by a doctor. There is a contradiction between Xenical and certain drugs, so it can only be prescribed by a doctor. A low dose version of Xenical is available over the counter in the US.

Xenical can be a good tool to use in your battle against obesity. Remember to reduce the amount of fat and calories you consume while on this medication. Only use Xenical with the oversight of a physician, and continue to exercise. With these three tools – diet, exercise, and Xenical – you can successfully lose the weight you have gained.

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