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The NCHRA Censures Abuses Against Human Rights Activist Keith Henson

Added: (Mon Feb 12 2007)

Pressbox (Press Release) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12-FEB-2007

Today on the courthouse steps of Prescott, Arizona, the president of the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists censured the Riverside County District Attorney's office, and the Prescott Police Department of Arizona, in the strongest terms.

"The NCHRA is here today to criticize the abominable and inexplicable behavior by the county of Riverside in its actions against the human rights activist Keith Henson," said Mr. David Rice, President of the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists. "The time is long past due for the Attorney General of California, Edmund G. Brown Jr., to step in and curb the abuse of the County's DA office" Mr. Rice added.

Keith Henson, an engineer, writer, futurist, and civil and human rights activist, was arrested and convicted of the misdemeanor charge of "attempting to interfere with a religion," after he protested and picketed the sinister Scientology corporation's headquarters at 19625 Highway 79, Gilman Hot Springs, in the year 2001. Human rights activist Keith Henson was arrested while he was protesting the brutal and ugly deaths of several women at the hands of the Scientology business and its agents. After receiving death threats by Scientologists who warned him he would be killed in prison, Mr. Henson stayed in Canada while on vacation, before his conviction, and applied for political asylum and stating he believed the threats he has received against his life.

Mister Henson was arrested in Arizona earlier this month, based upon tips to the Prescott Police Department by the Scientology corporation.

"The massive amount of money and time spent by law enforcement in this misdemeanor case beggars reason," said NCHRA's president. "It surpasses all legitimate rationale: something sinister is going on here."

Mr. Henson, a soft-spoken, quiet, and friendly grandfather of 66 years with a heart condition, was told at the time of his arrest this month in Prescott that he had no right to an attorney; he was then placed in a cold cell in solitary confinement. When the human rights activist asked for a blanket to help him keep warm, it was granted to him for one hour and then taken away from him.

"As we stand here on these steps, above our heads an image of Lady Liberty looks down upon us. But there has been no justice for Keith Henson," Rice said. "It is an abominable crime that someone in America can be sent to prison, on a misdemeanor charge, because he protested several brutal deaths committed by the hands of Scientology," Rice said.

Human rights observers, as well as many law enforcement agencies throughout the world including the United States, considers Scientology to be organized crime and Scientology Inc. as an international crime syndicate. In the year 1977 the United State's Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the organization's headquarters and seized tens of thousands of documents; those documents revealed the fact that the Scientology business engages in human rights abuses and in criminal acts as a matter of policy. Several European countries monitor the Scientology business just as they monitor other criminal enterprises.

"What we see here in the Henson case," Mr. Rice said, "is organized crime apparently funding and/or pressuring a few individuals within Riverside County's law enforcement agencies, to persecute Mister Henson because he dared to object to Scientology's crimes and human rights abuses."

There are currently around 53,000 Scientologists in the United States.

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