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Win my house for £25! Prize draw competition that could change your life!

Added: (Wed Mar 28 2007)

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 I have created a website for my dad. It enables people to win his house from between £5 and £25 in a prize draw competition, by answering a multiple choice question.

 The 3 bedroom cottage is based in the Isle of Grain, near Rochester in Kent – and due to its separate double garage with planning permission to convert, is worth over £290,000.

 There are a fixed number of competition entries available – and the prize includes payment of stamp duty and solicitors fees.

 Money is also donated to a charity chosen by the winner.

 Why? To give others out there the chance to own their own home – fee free – AND to make the bug bare of house selling that little bit more interesting and fun!!

 The website www.ownahousefor25pounds.com

The story in full………….

My dad owns a house worth around £290,000.

It is a 3 bedroom cottage in the Isle of Grain, Rochester, Kent. It has a double garage on the side – which has planning permission to be converted into a 1 bedroom granny annex – hence the value.
Rather than selling it through the usual channels – we would like to give someone – anyone – the opportunity to be able to own a house we have turned into a wonderful family home – not depending on their financial situation and completely mortgage and fee free – just because they want and need a new house!

We didn’t like the idea of having strangers traipsing through our house – and stressful thought that half way through buyers pull out, or a chain falls through and we’d have to start all over again.
What’s more – the amount of people out there who were in a good financial position to be able to afford a house of this amount makes our market a small one.
AND– we have a daughter of 22 who’s chance of getting her foot on the property ladder whilst looking to buy alone is so minimal.

So, that’s when we thought – why not let someone else own it. Whether they are a one-parent family, a young couple, people with debts, CCJ’s, people on a council estate, or people whose pensions, endowments had fallen through – and the chance of them securing their future, without having to retake out a mortgage a 60 year old!
Whatever the reason for financial security – being in debt and struggling all our lives has made us realise that we can actually help each other.

So we decided, let people win our house - an affordable amount for an entry – which would keep the odds low – was £25 . – We discovered we cannot ‘raffle’ the house off – but we can offer it as a prize in a prize draw competition – where entrants need to use some form of skill to be able to enter – in this case – a multiple choice question.

AND we include stamp duty, solicitors cost too. So if someone who really is ‘skint’ wins – they don’t have to worry about the extra costs involved in owning a new house.

PLUS – we are donating a percentage of all monies received to charity. (AND the winner gets to choose this charity)

Winners will be picked up by limo from a London station, and taken to a Hotel conference room where lunch will be laid on – and photos etc taken.

Whats in it for us?

We receive the full value of our house – we get to donate regularly to charity (something which we’ve always wanted to do – but couldn’t afford to) and we get to make people smile. Our jobs don’t often give us ‘customer satisfaction ‘, if this becomes a regular thing, knowing that we’ve made so many families better off will be a great feeling.

PLUS – if we don’t receive enough entries to sell the house – we STILL give out the money received after costs – to 3 lucky winners. (In the form of prizes) – so the winners could be walking away with new cars, holidays and diamonds! – or even a new 3 piece suite – whatever they want – they choose and we buy it with the money received!

WE also want to take on other peoples houses, get the full asking price for them and pay the solicitors fees involved in selling their house too, AND they don’t pay us any fees. PLUS – if the house doesn’t sell – they get something too, for letting us have the house on our competition for so long – as a thank you, we’ll give them a prize worth up to 5% of the total amount we received in entry money. This could work out a large prize!!

We think this is a great idea and for some reason it hasn’t seemed to have taken off yet in this country – please feature this story and we could make people better off, get more people on the property ladder mortgage free – we’ll meet with you if you would like any more information.

The website if you would like to check it out is www.ownahousefor25pounds.com
Or email is housefor25pounds@aol.com

Phone Jack Hope – house owner – 01634 270226 or Lisa Hood at Admin Outsource – Website designer/promoter of the competition 01634 271947

Many Thanks

Jack and Lisa

Submitted by:Lisa Hood
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