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Quality Cashmere to suit all sizes- now available online

Added: (Wed Nov 09 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Top quality cashmere is perfect for women not wanting to wear figure-hugging garments. It is stylish, luxurious, warm and comfortable. They also seek the uniqueness of knowing that what they are wearing is not round every street corner, in every mail-order catalogue and featured on endless racks in every High Street multiple, boasting a fibre composition label which betrays the very magic of the word “cashmere”, and has nothing “special” to its appearance or touch.

Following on the heels of the niche success of the womens linen clothing e-commerce company vivi-direct, which offers its range of classic linen garments up to larger size 22 (UK), now www.cashmere-uk.com has been launched to bring a limited collection of the finest quality 100% pure Mongolian cashmere jumpers, cashmere cardigans, a fabulous ribbed cashmere poncho with a matching ribbed scarf-cum-wrap, and a multi-occasional fringed cashmere shawl, with sizing up to 64” to fulfil the needs of women seeking a looser style of cashmere garment, or a larger size cashmere garment.

Whilst ultra-chic luxury cashmere clothing can be found in various designer shops, the Viviane Chantale collection is available online, priced at half of what one would expect to pay in an exclusive boutique. Because of the extra yarn required for the looser, larger shapes, the cost of the raw material has been kept as low as possible by working out our exclusive designs directly with the factory itself. www.cashmere-uk.com has been able to enlist the support of small and genuine producers of the raw material, right back where the cashmere goats come from.

The quality and feel of pure cashmere will leave you longing for more. Owning a garment made of pure cashmere is a fashion treat to be truly treasured – after all, it takes one little goat at least four years to produce enough wool to make just one real cashmere sweater.

Cashmere cloth is prized for its softness, warmth and long life. Cashmere fibres become increasingly soft with wearing and is referred to as the Fibre of Kings. In addition to its softness and flexibility, cashmere wool, the experts claim, is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, and provides the necessary warmth for the Himalayan climate from which the Kashmiri goat originates. The wool comes from the downy undercoat that grows from midsummer to winter. Long guard hair protects the cashmere undercoat from the elements, and is removed in spring by shearing or gradually combing the hair to remove the down.

Mongolia’s climate and geography is suited for hearding cashmere goats, who thrive in the harsh mountainous climates and produce the highest quality wool. In moderate climates, the goats lose the ability to grow the downy coats that produce quality cashmere for garments. This is where the cheaper quality cashmeres originate. The finer the cashmere, the more expensive it becomes, and the variations in the fineness of the cashmere depends on its origins. Cashmere fibre is also priced by its length. Longer fibres make stronger yarn that pull less .A top quality fibre will require less dye, and so remain soft even in dark colours. Of all these variables of pure cashmere, usually you get what you pay for. (Cheap cashmere remains always cheap cashmere)

The Viviane Chantale pure Mongolian cashmere 1st Collection comes in the darkest and most rich velvety BLACK for winter, though with its qualities as an “insulator” (as with pure silk) even in milder weather, good cashmere simply retains body heat to an even temperature.

A good pure cashmere jumper or sweater must feel soft, smooth and luxurious. Don’t buy just for density/weight. Pull the sides of the sweater apart and then let them go and the sweater should snap back to its original shape. Loosely knit, limp fabric is the hall mark of a cheaply made sweater. A good sweater should feel substantial even if it is lightweight.

www.cashmere-uk.com ‘s sister company, www.vivi-direct.com (linens) has achieved a wonderful reputation for quality, style & service amongst its loyal customers since it was inspired in 2002.

Submitted by:Natasha Dyer
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