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Press Release - Mr. Yanis Giousef (37) joins EC, heading Spain and Greece.

Added: (Wed Sep 11 2013)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Mr. Yanis Giousef (37) joins EC, heading Spain and Greece.
London, UK - September 11th, 2013 – EC strengthens its position in Spain and Greece!

In 2006, when I left Greece and moved to Spain, the Word Financial Crisis was making its presence in our lives. Seven years later the situation is still headline on news and in newspapers all over Europe.
Both countries are suffering hard from economic recession followed by unemployment as the results of cut in public spending and changes of the economic situation.

Almost all industries have been affected and medium sized companies went down or changed hands.
The need of efficient funding options is unquestionable. Due to lack of domestic funding resources a wide range of investment opportunities are available to international investors.
The renewable energy sector in Spain, even though it sees a 5.1% decrease during the last four years in domestic demand, keeps increasing its electricity export at 42.7% which is more than the last year’s total export figures.
The Shipping Industry in Greece, one of the most powerful sectors in the country, is adapting themselves to the situation by relocating their ship yards to neighboring countries. “The shipping sector is not suffering. It’s just another step to progress.” A legal representative from a shipping company said to me last December.
The strategic location of Spain and Greece will always keep them within the most interesting business locations, as they are characterized as a business cross road since years ago, an important factor that will always attract investors.

Mr. Yanis Giousef -
Mr. Yanis Giousef is one of our exceptions! With his experience in the Film Industry he will be a valuable asset for us evaluating the many requests we have for funding movies.
Delegate Officer Producer for International Projects of Zip-Films and Blues Films (Spain) and Director of Photography with 16+ years of experience, gives him a wealth of experience.
Some years ago and while investigating alternative funding solutions for film productions, he finds himself attracted to the world of finance.
Very soon he began to study consultancy and finance. His learning capability and excellent communication skills enables him to act as a respectful consultant for project owners and investors, achieving some great results.
On 2012 he was invited to join JGCC (Jesus Garcia Country Club), a club with various members around the world, dedicated to financial services in various sectors.

Today he is personally involved in the funding process in various commercial projects and planning to run his first consultancy company soon.
Yanis Giousef graduated the Film Academy of Greece in 1997, where he studied Film Production and Direction of Photography.

He was born in Greece by a Greek mother and Egyptian father, and learned to know both cultures.
He does not believe in limitations, he only believes that effort and preparation makes everything possible!

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