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Agencies Take Steps to heighten awareness of UK Modelling Scam

Added: (Wed Dec 22 2010)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Many modelling agencies are ramping up their advisory sections in the wake of many scams directed towards aspiring models.

London, England – 4th Dec 2010 – A number of modelling agencies throughout the UK and continental Europe are taking steps to warn any would be models and their families of the increasing number of scams within the industry.

Scams have always been prevalent within the modelling industry but as the scams become more sophisticated the harder it becomes to differentiate between genuine opportunities and agencies that are little more than con artists.

An industry insider who declined to be named says, ‘These sham agencies that promise aspiring models the world and fleece them out of their money are a total disgrace and put the whole industry in a negative light. This is something as professionals we are keen to eradicate and we have taken the time and effort to add pages and advisories to our website warning would be models of the scams. The problem is that these individuals are very convincing but with a little research people will be able to identify the signs that set alarm bells ringing.’

A good way to separate genuine modelling agencies and those that prey on the ambitions and hopes of prospective models is to check online. By simply entering a search term such as ‘UK Modelling Scam’ will bring the browser a plethora of information where warnings and case studies can be found.

Our industry insider goes onto say, ‘Another reason for the rise in modelling related scams could perhaps be attributed to rise of the social networking phenomenon. Social Networking sites such as Facebook have revolutionised the way people interact and communicate but there is a potential dark side as they are open to abuse. Literally anyone can start a group on Facebook and claim to be a legitimate enterprise and unfortunately many people, usually the young are taken in. Independent research is the key and by taking some of the precautionary steps outlined on established modelling agencies websites the risk of heartbreak and financial loss can be diminished somewhat.’

According to the advisories placed on many modelling agencies websites no reputable agency will ask for any money to sign a model or attend castings or promise the aspiring model riches and fame beyond their wildest dreams. According to our industry insider the more these sham agencies promise the less they deliver.

Submitted by:Yasmin Wallis
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