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Iqra International School Pune - Split in Tow

Added: (Mon Nov 14 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - This Is to Inform All Parents do not put your child in Iqra as Riyaz Danawala and Shamim Apa has been removed from IRF as their intentions were not good.
Finally they robbed the sylubuss from IRF and opened a new School Called Al Mominoon in Mumbai and after that they opened 10 other Iqra international Scool.
their main Aim is to Earn Money they charge rs 3200 fees per month from per students if they have 10 school and 2000 students their monthly in come is Rs 6400000 X 12 months = Rs 76800000.
so still after receving such a huge amount their school are very poorly managed they dont have proper desk or proper trained teachers no computers etc etc its shame in the name of International school.
they also receive lots of donation from many people for school which is un accounted for.
Please stop them they are looting muslim community. their are other school in Pune and Mumbai Which are giving better education but are charging only Rs 500 fees why can they do such a thing. its a open challenge to Both Riyaz Danawala and Shamim Appa if they really want to serve Muslim Community then they can also charge they same fees. there are lots of criminal cases against riyaz thats why he has chaged his name also plese beaware.

Iqra Internation School : - Run By Mr Riyaz Danawala ( Fraudstier ) - In 2011 He Opened a School In Pune
Chandan Garden, N.I.B.M, Undri Road, kh.nr. Clouver High Land, Kondhwa, Pune � 411048.
Tel: +91-20-2683 2419, +91-20-2683 2420 Stating That
1] Its Not an International Chain As Shown in website and Told by him Its a School Run By Riyaz Danawal Who stays in Mumbai Do Taki Area Near Chor Bazar and All the Schools are Poorly Managed i think these are the worst School i have ever Seen.
2] they dont teach on Computer screen and with Aditya Birla Softwar As promised by him
3] The Teachers are not qualified they have put some teachers who are 12 std in pune and most of them are freshers as they pay very less salary.
4] they dont teach Karate as promised by him
5] they dont have Computer Class as promised by Mr Riyaz..
6] Iqra is not Run by Management Committe every thing is Run by Mr Riyaz Danawala.
7] they Dont have a/c.in Classes as promised by Him.
8] Iqra dont have Science Laboratory.

9] School is Charging Fees of Rs 1850 per student + Term Fees + Computer Fees + Books + etc = that comes to monthly Rs 3200 per student and if they have 180 students their income is Rs 576000.
so then why such poor quality of education is given after taking such a huge amount of money from parents.
10] He is Playing with people Religious belief in the Name of Religion and Islam.
11] If any body is giving Donation to him in the Name of Religion and Good work Please be aware from all the 10 schools he is running how many children he has and how much Income he has then where is so much money going, Does he has proper a/c.
12] they School Run by him is not Registered with the government so many braches he is opening are all ill legal.
13] In Pune The Principal who he Appointed and later sacked her and made several NC and police complaints has taken over the school from him by force or else she said she will put him behind under bars now he is afraid of her and dosent come to pune at all.
14] For Late fees they have chared parents in pune R s100 per day.
15] they have not refunded parents money who has cancelled their admission before opening school.
22-27, Rear Hilal Building, Dr. Mascarenhas Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010.
Tel: +91-22-2379 0490, +91-22-2379 0858
Mahim Dharavi
101, Sathi Co-operative Housing Society, P.K. Kunte Nagar, 90 Feet Road, Mahim Dharavi, Mumbai � 400017.
Tel: +91-22-2407 4004, +91-22-2379 0858
Shop No:-1-3, Opp. Gupta Petrol Pump, Safed Pool, Kurla Andheri Road, Mumbai � 400074
Tel: +91-22-859 3728, +91-22-23790490, +91-22-22-23790858
Near Sarvodaya Society, Bail Bazar, Kalyan.
Tel: +91-22-2379 0490, +91-22-2379 0858
Mira Road
3 - 4, Universal Darshan, Near Gulistan Masjid, Naya Nagar, Mira Road (E), Thane � 401107.
Tel: +91-22-3226 9559, +91-22-2379 0858
Chandan Garden, N.I.B.M, Undri Road, kh.nr. Clouver High Land, Kondhwa, Pune � 411048.
Tel: +91-20-2683 2419, +91-20-2683 2420
13/14, Teacher� Colony, Ring Road, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur � 13.
Tel: +91-98227 17889, +91-97308 59591
18-13-8/J/C, Bandlaguda, Jahangirabad, New Airport Road, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.
Tel: +91-90109 89116, +91-8686 00511
Ramzan Colony, Kantatoli, Old H B road, Ranchi, Jharkand
Tel: +91-651-253055, +91-98868 84786

I sware by Allah Please just tell to Mr Riyaz To come to Pune and speak to All parents in pune if he is truth he will never come as he has betryared all parents in pune and the School will most probaly close as he has mislead all the parents by giving them wrong information and please ask what Mr Riyaz has to say about ( ladies) teachers in Mumbai this was disclosed in the meeting between parents meeting with Mr Riyaz and these alligation were put on him by Mrs Shamim Habiburrehman now how is the Pune School Princial or Owner . once they find this even Mumbai Teachers and parents will see what quality of a person he is ? he is using name of Ahle Hadis for his school business but according to me Riyaz Deeds are of Khabis ( shaitan) who is just behind money he is always using people and dumping them.
He has also betrayed the Employees who were working for him such as Mr Amjad and Mr Mohsin and other Islamic Scholor he has not paid their salaries.
He is giving Advertisement in Inqalab stating that the education will lead to paradise ask to Take as a Challenge and Impart Education To Children on no profit no loss basis - He will Run away.. his Aim is to Earn Money they charge rs 3200 fees per month from per students as they have 10 school and 2000 students their monthly in come is Rs 6400000 X 12 months = Rs 76800000.

with so much of money please ask any body what International Standard he is giving in any of his school, ask him to visit any International school and he will find the difference.
or else ask him to visit Iqra school in Bopodi Pune which is charging Fees Rs 500 per month giving better education then Riyaz's Iqra International School, i am 100% sure the above person who has made the comment is one of the employee of his Iqra School in Mumbai, i do not have any Thing Against any body except angry with Riyaz has he has betrayed all parents in pune and mislead all people.


Submitted by:Mr Abdullah
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