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Added: (Fri Jun 27 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - After 25+ years of development, research, field experiences in class rooms and at homes in USA, Educo International Inc, an American company owned by NRIs, is launching its
portal www.educosoft.com in India. Dr. Manmohan Sharma, Professor of Mathematics,
Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta GA, and President of Educo International, pointed out that more than 150,000 students and 500 teachers have used this portal in US during the last four years and the number is increasing on an average rate of 14.5 percent every year. Dr. Sharma pointed out that they have now aligned their content with CBSE/ICSE and other Secondary Boards syllabii in India for all grades from 6th to 12 grades. Dr. Sharma and his team have conducted several seminars, workshops, and presentations attended by more than 5,000 teachers, students, parents in almost all major cities in India since July 2007. During the Academic Year 2007-08, they piloted the procedures in some schools in Delhi for effectively integrating all aspects of teaching and learning. Both teachers and students are thrilled with the empowerment they feel with this portal, as informed by Dr. Sharma. He shared the feedback from teachers who participated in these seminars, indicating strong endorsement for this unique learning portal. He was briefing the Press on April 19 at the time of launching this platform nation wide. The formal Launching
ceremony is scheduled for April 21 in the Deshmukh Memorial Auditorium at India International Center, Lodhi Road New Delhi from 9:30AM to 2.00PM.Unique features of this learning portal Dr. Sharma says, we have tried to capture some of the best teaching and learning practices into the electronic media to empower the teachers for engaging students, and for empowering the students for self learning, and self assessment that helps them avoid any fear of embarrassment from peers. Several research studies have indicated that this type of approach reduces test anxiety and phobia. This is accomplished in this portal because of its several unique characteristics, some of which are: 1) it is using the latest technology tools like Macromedia Flash that allows the presentation of the content interactively with dynamic graphics and animations; 2) it is a comprehensive teaching and learning portal fully loaded with content delivered through a powerful Learning Management System (LMS); 3) its content is aligned completely with the National and individual boards syllabi, and can also be tailor made on demand that some schools may chose for their own curriculum, as in USA; 4) it is online, available 24 x 7 from anywhere; 5) its tutorials are embedded with assessment and assessment is embedded with tutorials; 6) it has several sets of practice tests; 7) it contains self assessment with instant feedback and option to take the same assessment several times with different sets of questions each time; and 8) the assessment component of this portal is in free response format. In free response assesment a student has to do their work on the notebook and enter the answer on the computer, instead of just clicking a choice as in multiple choice questions provided by other platforms, and offers instant feedback to student responses with step by step solutions if needed – unique feature rarely found in any other learning portal in the world. A Good tool for one-to-one tutoring
Well, having a good human tutor or even a good classroom teacher is a blessing for the child. But with expansion of education and commercialization, and decreasing level (both in number and quality) of talent in the teaching profession, it is more difficult to find quality tutors or teachers. Generally, tutoring has become extended mini classes, almost a repetition of classroom teaching. There is rarely a situation where a child gets one-to-one attention needed to guide the child. This platform can empower the tutor or the teacher to do better than what is normally done. For those students who have internet facilities at home, and feel comfortable using computers, this platform can be more useful for self tutoring than any human tutor, that too in the comfort of their homes, 24 x 7 from anywhere. Portal makes learning stress free, and minimizes test phobia Most of the stress that students feel is during board exams, especially in Mathematics. It is mostly due to lack of preparation in the content and lack of conceptual understanding. Some of them
want to learn everything only a few months before the board exams through a few short cuts. This is usually not possible for subjects like Mathematics, except for a few chance exceptions. This is a subject that needs logical progression of knowledge, acquisition of mathematical skills, and comprehension of the concepts to be able to apply those skills in solving variety of problem situations. Several types of learning activities provided through www.Educosoft.com , with built-in assistance, available to them throughout the year in the comfort of their homes at any time, wherever internet is available, can certainly help avoid accumulation of tension during the board exam. This portal has a special package for preparing students for Board exams. Besides focusing on conceptual understanding, it provides sequence of practice test sessions for each and every concept, making every subsequent test more and more comprehensive as the student progresses from concept to concept sequentially through out the year. This aspect will also help reduce test phobia, caused because of the fear of unknown, that helps bringing the best of
students before and during the test times. Empowerment of Teachers Besides empowerment of the teachers in the classroom through its multimedia teaching notes, the
Learning Management System (LMS) of this portal is unique and very powerful. It provides the teachers all the tools and content to create, administer, and manage several home based assessment activities like: after class homework, frequent pop quizzes, practice tests to prepare them for the major in-class supervised tests, progress reports for students, staying in touch with students through e-mails and announcements, conducting survey from students about their teaching for self improvement. It is difficult to provide all the details under this one question of this powerful LMS. However, it is worth mentioning one of the most powerful features about online homework, that teachers use the most. Teacher can create homework online, every student gets a different but similar homework, it is embedded with tutorial type assistance, it is graded automatically by the system, recorded both in teacher’s and student’s electronic files on the web, teacher can observe who has completed the homework or who has not, and communicate with students through e-mails for any advise to an individual or group of students.
Access to the System Registration process and all the other details are explained on www.educosoftregister.com , sister site for promotions specifically developed for proving demonstrations, training to teachers, special event announcements, and registration details including price struc tures that this portal offers. Here the users can see for themselves how the activities are organized and presented before they decide to use the system. After viewing all the features and presentations, they can complete the on-line form for pre-registration. If an affiliated school adopts the system for any grade level then students of that grade from that school will have an access through the school.Other students can have access by Registration through Regional Online Learning C enters
already established in, Ahmdabad, Bagalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Patiala. We are also launching direct learning portal on May 15 where student can register from anywhere in the country directly by selecting the country, state, board, grade, pay fee through Credit card or Demand Draft, and get the user rights. More details about pricing and options are provided on the above promotion site.
Sample quotes of participants from seminar held on February 6, 2008.
“It was an excellent learning experience.”
“A very powerful tool which will help students understand thoroughly & then proceed.
Their mistakes are pointed there & then.”
“Yes students can learn more in less time.”
“They can learn at their own pace, effectively.”
“It will be great help for student of each ability.”
“I, as a Math teacher, could save time not rubbing the board many time in 40 min period.
Black board limitation.”
“A great help to the teacher. Content wise & also for its large database of questions. Time
“It'll give the new dimension to the teacher and taught relationship. It'll give an
immediate feedback to the teacher about difficulties and capabilities of the students,
which is not possible by the traditional checking method.”
“The goal of this project is just not supportive but has a long term target of eliminating
the phobia prevalent in young minds of today and aims at homing the skills of mastering
“It is a self sufficient program for teachers, students, parents… Lot of study material with
much and much more practice material and instant feedback which is important to
improve.” -
“Animation effects are outstanding. Assessment/evaluation of strength performance are
teacher basis.”
“It has a very effective grading system.”
“More realistic, near to the class-room situations, covering each & every aspects of
teaching learning process..”
“Readymade material and easily understandable graphics. Time saving technology.”
“Helpful in the over all understanding of the subject in a very simple & easy way.”
“Will be of great help for the teachers as well as students as it has a lot of clarity.”
“Excellent tool to improve me as a teacher. Makes the work easy on teachers part &
student part.”
“I had no idea of the power of computer & IT before this lecture. A fantastic experience
“Very effective, modern, improvised. Will help the coming generation to study math with
“It is really good in the sense it has the capacity to change a dull difficult Math period into an interesting class. Teachers & students both will like this as a new exposure.”
“Very good platform for teachers and students of all caliber”

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