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meet the punch and spirit of wine

Added: (Sat May 14 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The story of my angel my saviour Jesus Christ- founded at St. Phillips Anglican Church-

Joining up with a saviour has given me much more that just walking into a place of sanctuary- a community I needed a new life I needed to make an in image- I made more my life was rest assured- in a nutshell-
An England of old well that I once knew in the golden years of the 60ís roaring 70ís modern 80ís affluent 90ís did not connect me with a belief of a superstar Jesus-
So why then did I chose a saviour called Jesus and why was he so revered around the world- and why did I find my way at St. Phillips Anglican Church-?
So many questions- but inevitably being a devout Jew and observing a world of orthodox wavery it was with a bit of a tug and pull In America toggle which changed my prospective-
A tingling spice of life changes its motive but from Judaism to Christianity to Hinduism and Buddhaism for travelling round the globe certain parts found myself back in England in an area called Earls Court in west London. This was the now 21 century- many changes of society the way we live and behave but I was finally here or so I was lead to believe.
A 2 star hotel housed me for a few months, but this wasnít to last long- one fine Sunday morning about 10 days after returning to the UK I was purely by luck or by chance I looked for an entrance in the first church I found- this was St. Phillips- this was me.
Excavations found their way into the whole entrance making it a little untidy- wasnít sure
Quite whether this was the way in. the handle wouldnít open easily finally the latch opened itself and finally I was in.
Into a place which even my wildest imaginations didnít come to me full in the face for I began by doing little odd jobs. I was quite glad to help out and Lorcan Bale warden of this church one of two wardens made me feel rather welcome.
I could have chosen many other places of sanctuary but this Holy Communion was to be my den a cosy one at that-
When asked whereís your family? I have no family- or donít have contact with that which I had in the past. Mother deceased, father and brothers living overseas other members far too distant to make it worth my while making contact.
I timed it so perfectly a way in a manger- kind of strange for I fitted in perfectly with the streamline.
It felt good but during this first visit this Sunday I late April 2003 I didnít stay for either service- didnít want to but it didnít matter I went to each and every mass on Sunday plus other social meetings and concerts and added a little spice it provided the life.
The vicar was drawing close to his retirement age- of 65 but he was still of vibrancy and life. The job of a vicar isnít an easy one, full of responsibility and give warmth and comfort to those who seek his judgement.
From the shores of the Holy land, to the new life in the Americas, blessed in Nepal with a Eurasia of spice, lace and pace reluctant to slow down in the tower hamlets and gardens of Kew and Richmond and Hyde Park.
So this was me a Danny Teller of new and blessed with Jesus through and through.
At this church most members were elderly; some were of my age and families attending Sunday school. From new born babies in their motherís womb to wheel chairs and a last gasp of life from the essence of mire.
St. Phillips soon turned out to be my second home well first home until I found myself a permanent place to live not far away.
I was delighted truly happy to be part of the congregation and soon found my seat in the front.
Ring the bell, wind the clock up, clean and light up candle and their holders, change hymns each week, arrange the prayer books in the right place for the readings, public speaker, editor of the news letter, compiling and collating and editing a new recipe book the list was quite full and gave me the chance to make on top it new friends and oh yes discussions of bible studies, eating fill at parish breakfasts and lunches, and concerts.
But it doesnít end there, what you may ask, deary me so much- yes oh no not all at once but the people were nice and perfect for my character not ideal but better than not having anyone to talk to at all.
My figure became very prominent, my face became widespread and not just to wind up the clock or light the candles or clean or share in with everyoneís privacy.
I was a large contributor more than one would have been made to believe and what a pleasure to see my name on a service sheet which had taken me so long to prepare and type out.
I always looked forward to seeing the vicar and the refurbishments which had transformed the church. Comfy chairs with padded cushions, tainty glass tinted windows, loud speakers, an alter, stained glass windows and much more was in store.
This was modern church, modern kitchen, stainless steel top, electric shutters etc.
From the outside the steel pipes and wooden struts had been removed but is was some time before all the rubbish was removed.
For this was no ordinary church and there was much more to do, lighting with all the wizardry circuitry and plans were made for more.
Sunday school, theatre, dance school, yoga classes, rehabillation, therapy, meetings.
So this was what all a church was no? a lot more- homeless, baptisms, weddings, funerals, get togethers, gardening.
Jesus was all around me, the superstar the much talked about saviour for all our sins- but there was more.
On festivals we got together and not just for Xmas or for Easter for this was a place of worship. We may have sins and pray for forgiveness- and then we felt a whole lot better.
What more was there to say a lot but I had made my mark and not just in the diary?
How lucky am I but this is not the end of the story- what more is there to come- surprise surprise for even I donít know- my home is St. Phillips my name and savour Jesus Christ- may his spirit live for evermore- in a sanctuary of heavenly delight.

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