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What’s the fastest broadband you can get?

Added: (Thu Feb 23 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Broadband in the UK is getting faster and faster, but the speeds that broadband providers are advertising are not necessarily what you will receive – warns Broadband Genie, the broadband comparison service. So how do you find out just what is the fastest broadband you can physically get?

Wanadoo broadband (formerly known as Freeserve) advertise broadband speeds up to a blistering 8Mb down your telephone line, and has recently been ticked off for not making it clear enough that only a small number of people will actually get 8Mb broadband.

Philip Wilkinson, Genie Group CEO, commented:

"Broadband consumers need to be aware that the speed of your connection depends crucially on factors such as how close to a telephone exchange you live, how up-to-date the technology in that exchange is, how many people on your street are using broadband, the speed of your computer, and so on and so on.

"The first step is to discover the fastest broadband theoretically available where you live – you can check this using the Genie’s free fastest broadband comparison. Second, before you actually order broadband, use the free postcode checker which nearly all providers have on their website, which should tell you the maximum speed you can receive where you live. Don’t buy before you know this."

Genie tips for comparing broadband

The main things to consider when comparing broadband services include:

1. Price. Generally, broadband will set you back between £10 and £50 a month, but most services now slot into the £15-20/month bracket.

2. Speed. This is becoming less important as broadband connections get exponentially faster, but you can currently choose on Broadband Genie between speeds of 512k (slowest) to2Mb (fastest broadband). The majority of connections are now 1Mb or 2Mb, which will be absolutely fine for more 'normal' users.

3. Usage caps. Monthly usage caps are an increasingly important feature of broadband packages, and could be important if you download lots of large files (such as MP3s and videos). If you don't do much downloading, just web surfing, then don't worry too much about usage caps.

4. Availability. Importantly, not all packages will be available to you (depending on your postcode, whether you have a BT line, etc.), so the first step should be to find out which broadband packages you can physically get.

5. Extras. Price is affected by what 'extras' are included in the package, such a free firewalls, email addresses, and so on. Most packages come standard with an email address or two, but not much else.

6. Brand. Price is also affected, of course, by the brand name, so you might find that comparable services cost more from a household brand name because they have a track record and have built up a certain level of trust with the buying public.


Notes to editors

1. Broadband Genie allows users to compare broadband online, and is part of Genie Group.

2. Genie Group Ltd is a leading independent provider of internet comparison shopping services in the UK, and was set up in 2004 by Philip Wilkinson (co-founder of Kelkoo UK). Genie Group’s unique selling point is ‘the Genie’, which makes personal recommendations to internet shoppers based on ground-breaking, intelligent technology. This gives Genie Group the ability to provide an enjoyable and satisfying internet shopping experience, and deliver an unmatched quality of sales leads to our affiliate merchants. Genie Group launched its flagship broadband comparison service Broadband Genie in January 2005.

3. More information can be found at http://www.broadbandgenie.co.uk. Please direct all media enquiries to Ciaron Dunne (ciaron.dunne@geniegroup.co.uk). Interviews with Philip Wilkinson can be arranged on request.

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