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Survey Reveals The Silly Things People Do For Love

Added: (Wed Dec 21 2005)

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Match.com survey reveals the strange things we do for love

London 20th December, 2005. A Match.com survey into the strange things we do for love reveals that quarter of women swot up on a man’s favourite football team to impress on a first date.

Over 1000 men and women opened their hearts to the world’s biggest internet dating site, Match.com to reveal the craziest things they’ve done for love, from that all important first date through to the early stages of a relationship, with startling results:

Women have…..
• Shopped for sexy undies to wear on their “first” date (57%)
• Studied their fella’s favourite team to impress him (25%)
• Pretended they actually liked the History Channel (16%)
• Shaved their legs in a hurry before getting intimate (29%)
• Avoided going to the loo during a date (33%)

Men have…..
• Changed their bedclothes for the first time in ages (57%)
• Had a romantic evening in when your mates are down the pub (44%)
• Pre-planned their seduction before leaving the house (48%)
• Pretended to enjoy shopping (40%)
• Not eaten foods that make you windy (31%)

Dating and Attraction
The survey reveals for men, the success of a first date is all in the grooming. 82% say they buy new clothes, 71% get a hair cut, 28% iron when they don’t usually and 29% admit to checking for fluff in their belly button. Women preferred to play it cool with 45% admitting to changing their clothes 50 times and then claimed to have just thrown on any old thing.

A surprising 33% of women say they never go on a date without wearing their lucky pants as do 28% of men. And to avoid any embarrassing moments, almost one third of men and women say they avoid eating food that makes them fart.

At Home
When it comes to bringing your date home for the first time 5% of men admit to getting their mum over to clean. 54% change the bed clothes for the first time in ages, 48% always make sure there’s toilet roll.

13% of women say they hide all their ‘Best of the 80s’ CDs and replace them with Oasis and Coldplay and alarmingly 11% admitted to redecorating before he comes over for the first time.

Match.com’s relationship expert, Judi James explains; “In the early stages of a relationship we find it very hard to suppress the 'Pleaser' within. This is where love makes emotions take over from logic and we feel a desire to do anything to gain approval. We often try to suppress this by playing it cool which is an active attempt to redress behaviours we recognise to be daft however the Pleaser within still takes over now and again.”

Sex and Seduction
The survey reveals that the secret of successful seduction is the planning. Both men (64%) and women (57%) buy new undies before a date and 5% say they practise taking off their clothes sexily in front of the bathroom mirror.

36% of women confessing to getting out of bed to put on a new face of make up and clean their teeth before their partner even wakes up.

48% of men pre-plan their seduction strategy before leaving the house and 12% say they purchased a women’s magazine for advice and sex tips. Women are little more last minute, 29% say they’ve shaved their legs in a hurry before getting intimate.

Inevitably new love comes at a price. Almost one third of women said on entering a new relationship they braved wearing a thong. Not to mention gemming up on his favourite football team (20%) and sitting through his favourite war movie with feigning interest (37%).

The largest sacrifice made by men is a romantic evening in with the ‘Mrs’ while all their mates are having a pint. 33% said they have endured hours of interrogation by their partners’ girlfriends and one third said they have sat through a chick flick and pretended that Hugh Grant is a great actor.

Both men (12%) and women (16%) have exchanged love for cigarettes and given up smoking.

Judi James concludes; “There's nothing really wrong with this in a way it's just like wearing a new suit to a job interview. Both parties usually know there's a degree of bluffing going on and in a way it's usually perceived as flattering, rather than devious.”

Match.com conducted the survey after being inundated with responses to their recent TV advertising campaign. The Make Love Happen ads illustrate the comical side effects of love featuring a couple, blinded by love, who fail to see what is going on around them because they only have eyes for each other. And another who are inseparable which makes simple things in life like exercising, difficult.
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Editors Notes
Judi James is available for interview
* The poll was conducted online in October 2005 with 1000 responses from across the UK
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