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Park Beds add Shenergy to their mattress range

Added: (Tue Jul 21 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Shenergy is an innovative new kind of mattress which can help the body find new energy through its properties. A good mattress can help you in getting the most out of your sleep but these mattresses work in a whole new way. They work through something called negative ionisation. The negative ions that result from a shenergy mattress can result in improved oxygen flow and can lead to the feeling of having more energy. This helps the bodies abilities and can help aid the body in overcoming health problems.

The way the mattresses work is through a process that involves storing Anions which are groups of negatively charged atoms which bond with other atoms. Shenergy bonds these ions and transmits their active agents from the mattress through to the body. The way that we are all made up as humans causes us to radiate organ specific vibrations. These vibrations that the body makes are made up of electromagnetic waves specific to each organ. A frequency is formed from the waves communicating with each other. It is possible to influence these patterns using outside frequencies.

The human body is positively charged which is said to cause a large number of ailments and diseases. The makers of the shenergy mattress claim that the way the matresses work can help people stay healthy by balancing out these positive charges with negative ones. This is known as electro magnetic neutralisation. The manufacturers have had clinical studies carried out by the Body Met Institute to prove their claims. The patients involved noticed improved energy levels, improved back and neck discomfort and a better quality of sleep. They were also seen to have had improved hyperkinetic irregularities in the patients heart rhythms as seen through EKG examinations. The studies were carried out without informing the subjects of the type of mattresses they were using.

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